To squeeze in 5 ways to walk and live longer

This one is pretty simple: Walking can help you live longer. The research is clear when it comes to the many health benefits offered by a simple daily walk . Decreased risk of hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease are just a few of the more obvious perks you garner when you get out and pound the pavement each day. Indeed, new research out of Germany presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress demonstrates that a 25-minute daily walk at a brisk pace can add upwards of three to seven years to your life .

This is very simple: take a walk can help you live longer.

Research is obvious when it comes to the many health benefits of simple daily walk. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and reduce the risk of heart disease are just a few obvious benefits you get when you go out and hit the road every day. Indeed, Germany at the European Cardiology concerning new studies show that the daily 25-minute walk at a brisk pace 3-7 can add more years to your life.

While most of us understand why regular physical exercise is very important, actually putting this knowledge into practice, find time each day can be tricky. Work, children, housework, social obligations and other things tend to give priority to take care of themselves.

Lucky is that studies have shown that you do not need to be a marathon runner or fitness fiend to anticipated benefits of physical activity. United States Heart Association recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity five days per week, daily physical activity, and 75 minutes a week of vigorous exercise. Although it can take some adjusting, it is the amount of movement can be achieved people decided to take it as a matter of priority.

If you’re struggling with how to squeeze in, taking a walk every day, consider these tips and tricks for you to 30 minutes every day.

1. break up

With a long list of daily duties, it can be hard to find even a 30-minute window keeps walking. This is why it broke into the small boats can total 30 minutes walk from the end of the day is a good way. Maybe you take the dog for a walk in the morning 10 minutes faster around the block, during your lunch break, you put another 10 minutes, day trip your child when they warmed up before the football game, resulting in more than 10 minutes.

This is not only an effective way to exercise, it can also lead to positive health outcomes more effectively than a single walk. In fact, research shows that three separate 10-minute throughout the day are more effective in reducing cardiovascular disease risk than a single 30 minute session on foot.

2. take a long way

As a society, we place more and more emphasis on convenience: all from point a to point b in the least amount of time possible. While allowing us to squeeze into each day more, it also makes our levels of physical activity. Lucky is that if you are objective about it, a long section of the road is not rocket science, even without a fancy training program or gym membership. Whether it is walking to the bathroom on the floor, separate your office building, the desolation to a sandwich shop on the street to eat fast food or loop your children play, playground surrounded by a daily step count method.

3. walk and talk

Teleconference, interview, society coffee dates: these are can do all things in motion. Rather than at the table, hold, why not those who shoe lace walk and talk to the move? Exercise has been shown to boost brain function, so you may even find you sharper than usual during the walk.

4. partners

No studies prove not only a workout partner can help to increase our confidence in the work, which shows that we tend to push harder and longer, when we have this moral support. More importantly, there is someone waiting for you at the roadside every morning to provide elements of accountability will help promote compliance with walking programs over time.

5. always came prepared

We often find free time all day; unfortunately, we often don’t prepare for them. This is why there is a pair of good walking shoes ready at all times is very important. Hide a pair of you at work under the desk or in the trunk of your car. This way, if your child music classes run over 20 minutes, working session gets cancelled, you throw in your kick, to log steps.

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