What happens to your brain when you work?

Exercise is good for your body. We all know that. But did you know that exercise also has massive brain-boosting benefits?

Sport is good for health. We both know that. But did you know that exercise has great benefits of brain stimulation?

Studies have shown that a positive impact, physical activity may help your mood, your sleep, even if you are in the focus of the work. But until recently, scientists have been unable to determine exactly why it people are in better shape, the body tends to mentally in better shape.

To the bottom of this, of the University of California, Davis health system researchers and 38 healthy volunteer researched and is responsible for the regulation of measurement message two specific neurotransmitters in the brain-the process researchers call “brain metabolism”.

Published in the journal of neuroscience, earlier this year the study participants exercised on a stationary bicycle to hit some 85% of your maximum heart rate. Researchers asked them to do it three strong sessions, each lasting for about 8-20 minutes.

Before and after the meeting, the researchers used magnetic resonance imaging measurements of a very detailed of glutamate and GABA–promoting communication helps to regulate the amount of physical and emotional health and neurotransmitter of brain cells-from their brains.

They found that are neurotransmitters soar participants in the exercise. The largest of the visual cortex, you can help us find process information (think of mental clarity and focus), and the anterior Cingulate Cortex, which helps regulate the heart and emotions (emotional boost, for example).

So, you say–we all go through this exercise, endorphins drive immediately. This is from the study, really interesting. After a long time of continuous training. Final results found evidence of increasing participants ‘ glutamate and GABA levels, even if they do not work.

In other words, you can boost your in the brain for a long time, and when you’re chasing all those fitness for a long time, like running, half-marathon or meet your weight loss goals.

Even the study’s authors recommended by glutamate and GABA action may be so far away, depression and other mental health care an important part of–or even can be used as a substitute for the current class of drugs, which by affecting neurotransmitters.

Now this is what we call the brain stimulation.

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