5 ways to cope with a slowdown of metabolism

Most of us, particularly if we struggle with our weight goals, have blamed the dreaded “metabolism” monster: “It’s too slow,” we say. We often target it as a common weight-loss enemy without truly knowing the factors that play into metabolism—and whether or not we can change them.

For most of us, especially if we are struggling with our weight loss goals, causing the dreaded “metabolism” Monster: “it’s too slow,” we said. We tend to target weight loss as a common enemy does not really know play a factor in the metabolism of–whether or not we can change them.

3 determine your metabolism the main thing

Metabolism is the process of converting calories you eat your way to process all the energy of your body. Your metabolism to determine how many calories you can eat all day and still maintain your weight. It is subject to three main issues:

Any impact the three main things mentioned above will change your amount of calories you need to maintain your body weight. Adaptation of your basal metabolic rate, and it will increase or decrease provided your body needs. For example:

Aging effects on metabolism

If you are a healthy adult, your metabolism is likely. Instead of blaming the thyroid disease, relatively rare criminals decrease in metabolism, aging how to slow down metabolism – you should consider and implement strategies to counter. Aging takes place in all of them, and it is usually accompanied by BMR decreases. Why?

Our BMR the highest natural point in childhood and adolescence, mainly because we need extra calories to grow and mature into adulthood. Once we reach our more than 20 years old, this phase is complete and our BMR level. The trend here is sneaky, steady weight gain in decades, of course. Research published in the New England Journal of medicine reveals the weight increase of 120,000 participants for as long as 20 years. Scientists have found that participants in the four-year period, with gain 16.8 pounds (7.6 kg) more than 20 years at about 3.4 pounds (1.5 kilograms) each.

The biggest problem is not so much weight, but we tend to be as we grow older; Weight most of us tend to lose muscle mass and corresponding type to replace fat. In a typical young adult, lean muscle mass per cent of total body weight, decreased to 25% per cent of total body weight, and when that person reaches the age of 75-80 of 50%. With low lean muscle mass decrease since our BMR, pounds, it takes more energy to maintain muscle and fat.

Don’t get me wrong I mean! One good thing has a number of protective fat, especially fat when we age, which is why fats recommends that adults over age 65 to BMI 25 to 27, rather than fat the rest of our recommendations between 18.5-24.9. The target, of course, is to maintain as much muscle as possible, because to do so would …

How to combat slowing metabolism

Do you have a slow metabolism? How do you deal with it? Share your tips and tricks here.

2 running you need to lose pounds fast!

Like most runners, I run first and foremost because I enjoy it, and only secondarily for the many health benefits that come with it. But those benefits are nothing to sneeze at. Running is proven to boost cardiovascular health, keep the brain youthful, and reduce the risk for chronic diseases, such as type-2 diabetes. Running also happens to be the most effective form of exercise for weight loss. Studies show men and women who run shed more pounds than those who spend an equal amount of time walking or swimming. Still, many runners don’t lose as much weight as they could because of one simple mistake: they’re not training at the right intensity. Fortunately, you can avoid this trap with heart-rate based workouts.

2 running you need to lose pounds fast!

Like most runners, I run because I like it, and then only for the many health benefits that come with it. But those benefits are not to be ignored. Run was shown to promote cardiovascular health, keep the brain young and reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Running happens to be the most effective form of exercise to lose weight. Studies have shown that men and women running shed more pounds than those who spent the same time walking or swimming. Still, many runners don’t lose their weight may be due to a simple error: when they are not training at the right intensity. Lucky is that you can avoid this trap and heart rate based training.

Survey shows that there are two types of operation, especially to lose some weight. The program refers to the combination of two of the most powerful: the run to burn fat and high intensity interval running. Running to burn fat is a slow, steady running, strength of muscles are most dependent on fat for fuel. This type of operation torch more than any other type of fat. High-intensity interval running very fast-running multiple short pulses. After training four hours to keep your metabolism elevated promote weight loss.

If you’re like most runners, you spend very little time in the low intensity area to maximize fat burning or facilitate metabolism after exercise run in the high intensity zone. More likely is that you are running in those regions is not as effective for weight loss between the moderate-intensity. Why? It may be that most of us tend to run just so happens most of the runner’s natural running pace of falls in the moderate range.

Based on heart rate training offers a way out of the trap of moderate intensity. And heart rate monitors, the maximum fat burning zone or high intensity running is as easy for your proper heart rate range. For example, the system I used as a coach in the five regions, based on the lactate threshold heart rate (not the maximum heart rate), and by running a 30 minute time trial, in the last ten minutes, your average heart rate during or through the use of PEAR mobile applications can be built. Domain decomposition methods like this:

1:75-80% lactate threshold (LT), heart rate (HR)-very easy effort; use this to warm up.
2:81-89% LT HR–fat burning zone! Uncomfortable dialogue.
3:96-100% LT HR–“Hard-ish” efforts you still can say in short sentences.
4:102-105% LT HR–strenuous efforts; the pace was sustainable, but says it is not.
5:106%+ LT HR–high strength area! This rate only stayed for a few minutes.

There are two simple training to heart rate based training will be added to your weekly power:

The run to burn fat: warm relaxed jog in zone 1 to 5 minutes. Next, increase your efforts with 2 position that has emerged is the greatest rate of fat burning. At zone 2 for at least 20 minutes, and then calm down and back to the Central 1 5 minutes

High-intensity interval running: 5 minutes of jogging to warm up and 5 minutes for a comfortable run in region 2. Next, District 4 your efforts. After 2 minutes, reducing your effort to area 1 and a 3-minute recovery. Repeat this pattern–in District 4 for 2 minutes and 3 minutes 1 – four times. Finally, with 5 minutes easy jog in area 1 to calm down. [Note: your heart rate will climb into intervals of at least every 2 minutes in the first half of this year, and it could not reach the District 4 until near the end. Do not try to run faster and faster to your heart rate zone 4. Instead, in a slow steady pace, is not sufficient to District 4 increasing your heart rate, at each interval operation before it completes. Similarly, your heart rate will fall steadily in each of the 3-minute recovery period. Don’t worry, if it is not to the next zone 4 zone 1 start before interval. Just run slow enough, your heart rate will eventually reach 1].

You said, preparing to test heart rate based on what? What is your favorite training run?

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