Recovery: buy a freezer and let it freeze

It sounds like the one of the world’s worst double dares: Strip down and spend three entire minutes subjecting your body to air that is 160° colder than the coldest place on Earth. Think you could handle it? Believe it or not, thousands of people happily pay for this treatment on a regular basis, in search of a speedy and effective way to reduce inflammation, improve circulation and perhaps even promote weight loss.

It sounds like the world one of the worst double dare: stripped down, spending three minutes your body as a whole is 160 degrees colder than the coldest parts of the Earth’s air. Think you can do it? Believe it or not, thousands of people are happy to pay for this treatment regularly, looking for a quick and effective way to reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, and may even promote weight loss.

Whole body frozen was recently adopted as a recovery technique of elite sports stars and celebrities squad. World record holding sprinter usain bolt, soccer superstar Ronaldo and Weiser was frozen a five-Division world champion boxer devotees, as the long roster of NBA and NFL teams. But the trend also applied to mortals just want convenient and affordable rehabilitation treatment?

In 1978 in Japan invented the frozen treat only recently brought to the United States. In 2009, Eric · Homes, commercial real estate developers is now running in front of a Texas-based CryoUSA, freeze introduced Dallas Mavericks team owner mark · Library class. Calf later credited to their experienced players, the treatment helped them edge to win the 2011 NBA Championship-though is the oldest team in the League that year.

So what is this miracle treatment exclusive? Some super charged likened it to an ice bath without getting wet, or sit for a long time. Theme, wearing only underwear and protective equipment, their arms and legs, standing cylindrical containers around them from shoulder to ankle. Liquid nitrogen cools the air circulation, the body temperature is reduced to anywhere from-166 °-280 ° Fahrenheit.

When the cold exposure to skin, it sends the body into fight or flight mode, result in the release of adrenaline hormone and endorphins, helps repair the body and give a cheerful feeling. In this State, the body pushes more enzymes, nutrients and oxygen delivery to tissue or organ preparations of blood of any potential damage, so when three minutes, concentrated body blood circulation, help speed up cell turnover. In addition, the treatment was allegedly up to 800 within three minutes of burning calories in the body’s fervent attempts to redress the balance. Cryotherapy claimed that reduce muscle recovery time, improve athletic performance, increase energy levels, improve mood, improve sleep, stimulates collagen synthesis, and it is even used for the treatment of chronic headache, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

“It changed the course of my day,” said Nick da, co-owners of Medford, Oregon sugar freezing. Wake in the morning session, after my treatment and I get so much more clearly. At night, I sleep better. Baida, also spent five days of squash competition, week daily training sessions to keep expanding in the Bay and dive, swinging from his movement and high impact exercise recovery.

As with most physical therapy, it is not an instant solution, although some clients just feel its impact after the session. First timer sessions range in price from $ 30 to restore frozen in Austin in New York City, $ 90 for Kryolife and deliver conferences and special member pricing is available at most spas a month. Baida said: “we advise people to try to shape public opinion before it, three days in a row.” “Everybody reacts differently, but regular is ideal.

And high performance athletes are often encouraged to try training and recovery, like the most sophisticated tool in the medical community remains divided on freezing.

“Freezing Chamber may have a role similar to the ice in pain and inflammation, injury, and to restore control after a hard training, however, I haven’t recommended it to patients but post Street orthopaedics and sports medicine in San Francisco, Dr Christine Winfield. “Popularized the science behind before. Maybe these will prove to [the edge] when we learn more about their work and what they can do for your body. ” She advises her patients to use more traditional methods, like the ice bath, and ice compression sleeve, especially in combination with mechanical muscle imbalance correction.

However, surgeons have operated on in Alabama Michael · Jordan and Bree, like James · Dr Andrew expressed his support for treatment. In 2015, he was appointed to the Advisory Commission of the United States manufacturer effect frozen and he continues to study cryosaunas, compared with conventional rehabilitation efficacy.

Now, favorite frozen are to rise to the top of the list of rehabilitation therapy for athletes, their Chamber Bowl with cold water for 15 minutes like three minutes. Like a handful of other NFL player, Jacksonville Jaguars defensive malikejiekexun cryosauna his pre-season training. As he explained Instagram posts: “freezing help me a lot with getting sore, let my body recover, ready to go out. “

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Recovery: to relieve pain and flotation therapy

Welcome to the first in a series on MyFitnessPal looking at the latest in recovery trends. We kick off with the hottest thing in a cramped place: floatation therapy.

Welcome to the first in a series of recent recovery trend on the MyFitnessPal. We have a small place the hottest Prologue: flotation therapy.

Looking for moments of pure happiness of quiet treatment do? You can try your own seal in warm water, black water tank floating effortlessly light does not light or sound to distract you, pain relief, hoping to relieve pressure and clear the mind.

Sounds a little weird? Its good enough for the two-time NBA most valuable player Stephen · Curry. Four-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Wei Tangmu · Brady is also a huge fan–he even has his own tank. Navy Seals are often devotees and stimulate college students ‘ sports events such as the Ohio State University football team, incorporating it into its rehabilitation program.

That’s pretty lofty company. Is it good enough for you yet? First, a little background. Flotation therapy may be fashionable, but it is not new.

In the 1950 of the 20th century, the flotation therapy invention-also referred to as the restricted environmental stimulation therapy–in the 70 ‘s and 80 ‘s, had a brief popularity and it is experiencing a revival. By 2015, the New York Post reported that 267 floating Center in the United States, significant increase in 2011 from only 85 Centre.

Here is how it works: the workers fill special tanks and nearly 1000 pounds of Epsom Salt with warm water, creating a dense solution, and allows effortless flotation, freeing the body from gravity. This treatment is usually a quiet, opaque string beans, encourage implementation of the mind and body relax. Water and ambient air temperatures are warmer, skin receptors can be neutral, it is difficult to float to distinguish between where the water ends and where their body starts.

“Your heart rate, breathing slows down, your blood pressure is lower,” explained Fu Center in Oakland, California, Alyn, owner of forest · Walton. Treatment lasted about an hour, should help the decompression and spine, and draw out toxins and tension free storage, but also in order to provide a relaxed atmosphere for meditation.

Studies have shown that floating therapy to reduce stress, anxiety and severe pain and increasing optimism and sleep quality, which was repaired and restored and overworked muscles and a key factor in stimulating the mind too much. It was this treatment to attract customers with extreme physical work, but it can also benefit patients with chronic pain or stress, so any person regardless of age, size or fitness level is not surprising.

Price tag is not a tall order – sessions from anywhere within the scope $40 introduced the floats in float-$ 99 floating in an elevator in New York City, Los Angeles, and most floating Spa special package pricing is available. But of course, it is undeniable that most of us will benefit from an hour of total relaxation, has been without a major scientific data, that float in the treatment of one factor to accelerate the healing. And some studies have claimed that float in the treatment of this hour is equivalent to about 4-8 hours of sleep, results are difficult to measure consistently.

This does not mean that all float in the treatment of the claim does not hold water. Avanzare physical therapy in San Francisco, owner of DC, Adolf · Dr LAU considers floating its meditative qualities. “I put a high value on Epsom Salt, as I propose hot Epsom Salt bath treatment of chronic muscular pain and General muscle recovery,” he said.

Epsom salts a chemical known as magnesium sulfate, and Epsom Salt baths, muscle relaxing magnesium (in addition to other minerals) be absorbed through the skin. Epsom salts, also of remembered pain, muscle cramps, inflammation.

Worth dipping your toes in the pool, Heather · Anderson, a float session into her fitness lifestyle SoulCycle teacher said. She cites a deep muscle release and increased sleep she gets after each session, but most of all, she added, “it is also just a great way to spend an hour with you and your ideas.”

We connect and move the speed in the world on a daily basis, those lonely moments and self-care are worth every penny.

Fast or slow: pace winning the weight-loss contest?

To some extent, everyone wants immediate results — especially when it comes to weight loss (cue fad diets and “miracle” diet pills). Eating healthy, staying active and cutting calories are proven ways to lose weight, but they are part of a gradual process that’s not always easy. So, which path should we take for achieving long-term weight-loss success?

Somehow, everyone wants instant results-especially when it comes to weight loss (tip fad diets and “miracle” diet pills). Eat healthy, stay active and cutting calories an effective way to lose weight, but it is a gradual process, it is not always the easy part. So which path we should in order to achieve long-term weight loss success?

Step by step weight loss, centers for disease control and prevention recommends weekly, or eat little 500–1000 calories daily loss of 1-2 pounds. Please note that this is not taking into account individual factors of general recommendations. Because no two bodies are the same weight loss is acceptable also depends on your personal health. Although experts condemned the rapid weight loss, the word for contention. After all, the “fast track” to lose weight can range from losing pounds of 2–10 per week or more! For this article, losing more than 2 pounds per week is considered to be fast. General consensus is that slow and steady is better than the fast weight loss – but let’s examine the pros and cons of each.

Technical Note: MyFitnessPal application allows you to select from 0.5 to 2 pounds per week. Adjust this to your “target” set to meet your needs.

If you have a lot of weight, lose and you under the guidance of a doctor, you may be able to get away with losing speed. For example, patients who had gastric bypass surgery may be prescribed a very low calorie 300-600 calorie a day diet. About 800 calories is very low calorie diet can also provide a lot of weight, lose; generally, these involve special meal replacements and supplements to meet the nutritional needs of all.

Let us not forget the sport of Marathon, and really clean. This intense cutting popular fast weight loss and exercise way on a regular basis (mainly in the form of water weight), but hard to keep it boring and strict way, the result is often short term and is not recommended.

For most of us, weight loss is more realistic and can be achieved in a progressive manner. It will not ask you to significantly reduce calorie intake or hit the entire food groups close to your diet. Instead, you set your own pace and inculcate simple healthy habits-such as soda water or take a walk after supper – long term, your health benefits. There are a lot of options and routes up, eat clean and take the time to explore and choose what is most pleasant. When you are happy, and easier to stick to your goals and implementations.

It comes down is this: slow and steady weight loss is more feasible and sustainable, the reality for most of us, compared to rapid weight loss. Quick fix won’t last long, because a lot of people in recovery back to old habits of diet and exercise to lose weight. A gradual pace so that you learn how to diet and exercise, a little at a time. Experiment with your weight loss strategies and, if necessary, look at what is best for you to consult medical professionals.

74 year old passenger Medevaced off Carnival breeze

Defense Imagery and Video System reports that the U.S. Coast Guard medevaced a 74 year old passenger from the Carnival Breeze on July 18, 2016. The Coast Guard Command center received a call around 3:20 p.m. reporting that a man was unconscious and had been revived by Carnival medical staff. The cruise ship was approximately 379 miles southwest of St. Petersburg, Florida.

74 year old passenger Medevaced off Carnival breeze
United States Coast Guard on July 18, 2016 medevaced 74 year old passenger from Carnival breeze defense image and video system reports. Coast Guard Command Center received about 3:20 speakers in the afternoon was unconscious and medical staff had resumed by Carnival. Cruiser is about 379 miles southwest of Saint Petersburg, Florida.

The helicopter crew arrived about 8 pm, flying men and he flew to Tampa General Hospital, where he arrived at about midnight. According to reports, after the arrival of the man in stable condition.

Cruise companies often boast about their medical facilities to provide similar quality standards, to medical facilities ashore. However, more often the passenger to be medevaced to hospital for further treatment. To underline how crucial the ships medical staff to assess emergency medical evacuation of patients in a timely manner may take a lot of time, could be crucial if the event of a serious injury or illness.

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Coast Guard to the couriers 379 miles southwest of Saint Petersburg, July 19, 2016

74 year old passenger Medevaced off Carnival breeze

Patient advocacy groups are urging Congress to strengthen the patent system

On September 8, a group of more than 100 national and state-based advocacy organizations sent a letter to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees urging Congress to amend H.R. 9 to preserve  protections of the Hatch-Waxman Act and to avoid weakening the patents that sustain medical research.

On September 8, a group of more than 100 national and State-based advocacy group wrote to the House of representatives and the Senate Judiciary Committee, urged Congress to revise human resources 9 maintenance the Hatch Waxman Act protection, undermine the maintenance of patents for medical research.

In the letter, arguing that innovations are no threat to drug price competition and patent term Restoration Act (Hatch Waxman Act) and biological agents, price competition and innovation (BPCIA) in addition to the parties to review (IPR) during current violations.

According to this letter:

In addition to the parties to review (IPR) lawsuits aimed at more effective ways of dealing with patent challenges, but the abuse of intellectual property rights under the threat of drug price competition and patent term Restoration Act (commonly referred to as the Hatch Waxman Act) and biological agents, price competition and innovation (BPCIA) unique and specific mechanism to open the door. Congress established the uncompromising generic innovation patent dispute resolution framework to balance the interests of and generic manufacturers, and most important of all, individuals waiting for treatment or cure. This system is generally working well. Many generic drugs enter the market at the same time, innovative research and development to provide new treatments on patients. These trends are to help individuals with chronic illness and complex conditions of a longer, healthier life.

The letter states:

Congress never intended to damage intellectual property litigation in the Hatch-Waxman patent dispute resolution framework and BPCIA. We urge Congress to retain the hatch gaiweikesiman and BPCIA to avoid weakening the maintenance of medical research’s patented design is a detailed and complex system for big brother 9 includes language. Strong patent will ensure that innovative ideas from the lab to the people who need them most.

See the entire letter.

Patient advocacy groups are urging Congress to strengthen the patent system