Freebies and deals on healthy living-June 18, 2016

Whoa is it HOT today.  I was just out watering the plants, and had to come in to cool off.One other being that is really feeling the heat today is a fun new addition to our family — a furry gray kitten!

Freebies and deals on healthy living-June 18, 2016

Wow is it hot today. I just came out to water the plants, had to come to cool.

A second is, really hot today is an interesting new addition to our family-a fluffy gray cat!

Instagram, a glimpse of “lucky” style meal ate her first … My kids just love her! (OK, me too).

She is currently in bed, sleeping on the deck in the shade.

Just the way I feel when it gets warm.

In any case, here are some great deals to take the heat out of your budget.

Enjoy the savings and health benefits.

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20% discount essential oil

Freebies and deals on healthy living-June 18, 2016

Just a few days away (through June 20), from my favorite essential oil retailer, Rocky Mountain oil Gets a 20% discount essential oil blends and singles. (If you missed it, that’s why).

In celebration of father’s day, RMO oil has put together wonderful list for dads (and really, they are great for everyone).

Everything here is on sale:

Focus (as a sober-minded, so Dad can work efficiently)
Mint (as so many things–pain and discomfort, vitality and stamina)
Incentives (I like to use this mixture when I feel sluggish).
Align (“like chiropractors in a bottle)
In peace (my youngest son really liked this song when he was feeling anxiety at bedtime)

Sandalwood (help nervous tension and stress. It has very deep flavor)
Cedar (mostly insect repellent and skin-care products–also helps with stress and anxiety)
Patchouli (help for depression, anxiety, skin care)
Peace (one of our favorite blends, and when you need to relax)
Majestic Breeze (“… Formula that helps to promote blood circulation. This … About your mental and physical energy to make it through the day. “)

For active times
Pro Sports (after the great movement)
Fitness (helps prevent between meal of the earth–I need this! –And get you motivated to work)
Fuck off! (You can see a lot of action this summer in our home! )
Mangrove crabs frankincense (very high quality frankincense)
Joint support (help with joint pain)

Enjoy the savings, don’t wait for too long … … You don’t want to sell and the timing is the essence of (get it? )

Optimal health free videos

Freebies and deals on healthy living-June 18, 2016

3 men back from the optimal health of most people, you know? And they’re not what you think.

Check out our new video training series advanced detoxification strategy:

In this 3-part series, you will find that effective nutrition programs to eliminate toxins from your body, boost immunity, weight loss and deep healing.

Most importantly, you will learn about some of the latest science in genetics and whether we are destined for disease … Or if we can be controlled through diet, gene expression.

Sign up for instant video 1 here.

(You will receive the remainder of the 3-part series in the next few days! )

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity for healing!

Buy 2 Get 1 free gift set
& More

Freebies and deals on healthy living-June 18, 2016

This month, you can save 3 ways from my favorite skin care company, NYR organic.

  1. Are Geraniums and orange body wash and hand-wash only $ 20 when you spend $45 (the geranium oil to help rebuild the war-ravaged the lives of Congolese women)–44% savings! I really love their bathing. Little goes a very long way flavor is very strange – and all natural. There is no artificial flavors!
  2. Get discount men’s beauty 30% series. The perfect father’s day! My husband really liked them … I love, they are not his old toxic collection.
  3. Buy 2 Get 1 free select gift sets. These are very cute, they are of great value–great hoard, puts on the road. One of my orange and geranium, is considering buying some of the others. Sleeping beauty sleep gift set is an incredible value as it is. $53 sleeping beauty sleep set the retail price, discount and 33%, set is only $ 41.54, so you save and free access to 2 other projects. Youth set frankincense is a fabulous value, includes amazing–I love frankincense oil toner and wash the face and how good my skin looks!

NYR’s skin care products are amazing. My skin feels and looks great, and their disclosure of organic ingredients, the percentage of each container.

Read more about why I love NYR organic here.

Saved in my favorites

Freebies and deals on healthy living-June 18, 2016

If you are looking for some new makeup, look again.

Crunchi is too late to go home, Fund and how much I love my favourite lip gloss.

Base is progressing, is flawless and stays put. Plus it feels light, so you don’t feel like you have a bunch of stuff stuck in your face.

These lip color stay – for hours!  (Say this lady can always on her lips for a long time). I love side by side, dance, Ella, and hands clasped together. Do not know if this is my favorite, really. Please note-they look more intense, online is not on your lips. I’m not fancy PISCES GAL and lipstick often looks too heavy for me. These are just perfect.

They also have a great primer (to help your makeup stay good to see them all. Day. For a long time (even in 90 degree weather! ) And competition from the CGIAR system and Tom · Ford, but the most popular blush is not toxic!

Get Crunchi and receive $ 10 off your new order $150–through June (plus you get free shipping! )。 Only then email me to get your refund Adrienne {} {} wholenewmom com or in the comments on this post.

In addition, refer to a friend, when your friend order $150, you earn $ 10 credit.

The opportunity: If you are looking for a great work at home opportunities, Crunchi is still in the start-up phase, so it is a good time to join and underground. Just send me a e-mail Adrienne {} wholenewmom {dot} com or post comments for more information below.

Free Kindle ebook

Free Kindle ebook

As always, these books in print for free, but the price can change at any time.

If you don’t know, you don’t need a Kindle or other fancy gadgets, read these books. Simply download Kindle for PC or Mac here, and read on your computer.

Prepare for gardening

Freebies and deals on healthy living-June 18, 2016

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Freebies and deals on healthy living-June 18, 2016

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Freebies and deals on healthy living-June 18, 2016

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Freebies and deals on healthy living-June 18, 2016

Father’s day …

How to be a good husband

Freebies and deals on healthy living-June 18, 2016

That is all for this week!
A good rest over the weekend, see you next week.

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