Select Maple: what should you buy?

My family doesn’t use a lot of maple syrup due to candida and eating more low carb (for sweeteners we mainly use stevia, xylitol, and some erythritol and coconut sugar), but we do use it occasionally and have some in our pantry right now. Over the years, I’ve heard different things about What Grade of Maple Syrup is Best, or that you had to be careful about formaldehyde being used in maple syrup processing, so whenever I did buy maple syrup, things got pretty confusing. Today, Erin from Eat Real Stay Sane is here to address those concerns, and help us all know what type of maple syrup to buy, and she even has a great recommendation of a brand she trusts.  

Select Maple: what should you buy?

My family does not use a lot of Candida and eat more low-carb syrup (sweeteners we use Stevia, xylitol and erythritol, coconut sugar), but we do occasionally use some in our kitchen. For years, I’ve heard different things about what level of formaldehyde in Maple syrup is the best you have to be careful being used for maple syrup, so whenever I get maple syrup, things get messy. Today, Irene from eating real stay sane here to solve these problems, and we all know what type of maple syrup to help buy, and she even has good references, she believes the brand.

We recently spent a week with my husband’s family … … we almost ate a his own death.

They’re terrific people they love, but, sugar, canola oil – and boy do go out to eat. We are sure one of the gourmet, heterogeneous, so to speak, we felt sick after down this week.

Our blog brand (not just for our blog, but for a lifetime) the purpose is that we try to worry about, eating junk food as little as possible. We eat very self-indulgence does not intend to door open time of disease.

We want to worry about rad’s family holidays are the last thing, if we are Jasper or difficult dishes and desserts by households turn our noses. However, if there is a simple solution to eat healthier, and we will go this way.

For example, my mother-in-law brings real, organic maple syrup for us while we were there! We had a few times that week, and she wants to hold our real food hippies reach pancakes.

Thank you, MOM!

But why do maple syrup? How to compare different sweeteners in there?

And you get an a or a b-class yet?

And open it in formaldehyde? It is!

A closer look.

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Real maple syrup is what?

Before I became a real gourmet, I don’t know that there is such a thing as fake maple syrup. How much I did not know that the food is amazing. Now, we have many years of real things, fake almost made me puke. Fake things is my only choice, if I take the “drowning butter” line.

This is Mrs Butterworth (false) syrup ingredients list:

High fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, water, salt, cellulose gum, molasses, natural and artificial flavors, potassium sorbate (preservative), and sodium hexametaphosphate, citric acid, caramel color, poly sorbitol ester

So… Basically, there is no real maple syrup syrup.

Is high fructose corn syrup, GMOified syrup, preservatives, and artificial colors and flavors. What in the world is your body to do all the things, those things are not really food?

I don’t think we want to find out.

The ingredient list to the Coombs family farms Organic Maple Leaf Chinese Restaurant compares syrup:

Organic. The maple tree. Syrup

Now this is what I want to see!

Just a simple ingredient, is exactly what you should expect from the maple syrup.

Why should you use real maple syrup?

We like the rain our pancakes and waffles (not good? ) In our homemade yogurt, oatmeal, as a glaze, and sometimes recipes require Maple Leaf Chinese Restaurant taste maple syrup. While sucanat, and raw honey users, maple syrup is obviously perfect on certain foods, and may be more healthy.

Pure Maple syrup has more nutritional value than most sweeteners, has one of the lowest levels of heat (although we never count calories). It has several minerals including potassium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, and selenium. That shows maple syrup contains up to 24 different antioxidants, it’s like your body within the army, cure for free radical damage and inflammation research.

Here is the pure maple syrup from the international maple syrup Institute of nutrition information in greater depth.

If you want to add any kind of sugar in your diet, add something does offer some nutritional benefits. Healthy eating is all about balance.

It is to me, including add to my Brownie or Apple Cinnamon dump cake is a delicious natural sweetener. Can you blame me?

I want to throw a warning:

Maple syrup is miles better than its counterparts, it is still full of carbohydrates. Use caution to avoid packing on all sweeteners pounds or damaging your blood glucose, Candida or cause.

Select Maple: what should you buy?

Abc of real maple syrup.

I always thought it was strange there are different grades of maple syrup. I was told (and read in many places), grade b syrup is the best.

I always remember it as the “best b”. A lot of people say, b-it has more nutrients, and class a more processed.

Last month, to buy a few more maple syrup, I can’t find anywhere in the grade b maple syrup! Even health food stores do not have any.

I decided to jump on the good OL ‘ Google to identify b-go where in the world. Google tell me the whole Maple recent classification systems change and b no longer exists.

Oh, no!

Great, now what do I buy? I hate it when you find that you love you one thing and it all changes, you have to figure out where good health products have you. I don’t know at all the vessels trying to find maple syrup grade b, how much time does not exist anymore?

What is the best real maple syrup grade?

Disheartened, I grade b maple syrup suddenly disappear from the face of the Earth but I was determined to find the equivalent of premium grade b somewhere, even if it means increasing maple tree in my apartment, SAP itself. (OK, not really).

It eventually becomes very easy to find.

I went straight to the source, directly contact the Coombs family farms. I usually bought their brand (and no they did not endorse the article, they just put the quality of products). If you want to know what Maple, to talk to these people. I mean, they should know, because they have been tapping tree 7 generations!

I first asked about what is the nutritional difference between grades of maple syrup. Here is what they said:

Different grades of maple syrup all have no more or less nutritional value. Rating systems are put into place to categorize (color) of light maple syrup, not its nutritional value.

Grade b listed, because of its dark color and stronger flavor from being harvested later in the season when the trees begin to produce SAP boiled down to a darker color. No false misunderstanding that one is “better” than the other is very misleading information. Studied at the University of Vermont for a while to explore differences in nutrition, or lack thereof, between Maple display different levels and all of them are across the Board.

Okay, good to know! And BTW, I love it when companies and complete response to my inquiry, don’t sugar coat the answers … Pun intended.

Bombard’s awesome response, I went back for more.

There any formaldehyde in Maple syrup?

I’ve heard of food grade a maple syrup-and formaldehyde-sounds scary, but to be honest, any ingredient to give you a surprise in our foods today? Here is their response:

To deal with chemicals and use formaldehyde/, this is a practice is prohibited (prohibition of VT in the 1970) since the early 80 ‘s the United States, and Canada, in a recent doubts about 10 years ago. Formaldehyde is illegal and will lead to serious consequences for farmers. Even on the maple trees usually do not use chemicals (pesticides and fertilizers), through the purchase of certified organic products, it guarantees that there will be no chemical components in a finished finding or harvest the SAP in the process.

Because only the steps involved in the production of finished products involves boiling the SAP, natural water, and what the product is bottled, maple syrup is not a “processed” products.

Usually eliminate foaming agent used to prevent excessive foaming in boiling SAP to boil. Every 30 gallons of SAP we use organic sunflower oil 1 drop speed. The oil gets cooked in the boiling process and could not be found in the finished product.

So, a-formaldehyde in Maple syrup and attention?

Turns out grade maple syrup is not in fact they keep things in the dead frogs. Boy do we have low standards and food-I can’t believe that even needs to ask this!

B-class is now grade a

Turns out, they did not “get rid of level b.” It was reclassified as healthy as-and a-level only.

Here is the grading system (right side is now called) the new Maple quick guide:

Old Name                                                                            New Name

Like or grade a amber light golden and delicate taste
Class a: medium or dark amber, grade a amber and rich flavor
Answer: level grade b, grade a dark amber or dark blend robust flavor
C-level a: very dark rich flavor

So basically–just buy what you want any type of maple syrup because the only difference is how much “ligament”.

Just make sure you insist that it is a responsible and organic brands.

I like the Coombs family farms, because they are:

  • Committed to sustainable forest management
  • Certified non-genetically modified, and
  • They were organic maple syrup by QAI (quality assurance international), which is the reason why the above is organic step.

Moral of the story: straight to the source if you really want to know the truth behind the products you are buying. Company is always happy to answer your questions, because they want to buy their products, and more!

How are you doing?
Your grade, what brand of maple syrup is your desk, please?

Select Maple: what should you buy?Erin and Cameron, the owner of the eat real sanity, teaches people how to adopt a healthy lifestyle, including eating real food, eliminate toxins, and to overcome the chronic diseases. For them, the secret has been making homemade alternatives, they like – the food, but healthy ingredients. Get their free ebook “guilty pleasure recipes guilt.” You can follow them on Facebook, interesting and Instagram.

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