Redefine your #ResolutionReset 2016 health goals

Look, we’re human — we all start each new year with the best intentions and the highest motivation to see our resolutions become a reality. And invariably, as the months fly by and another December is in sight, we tend to think back on those resolutions with guilt and embarrassment. Let’s face it: We get busy, we fall out of routines and make new ones, we realize we may not have set realistic goals. The good news is, there’s still plenty of time left to “reset” our resolutions and finish out this year strong!

See, we humans – all our best intentions and highest of motives, to see that we start each new year resolution becomes a reality. Without exception, flies, another December is here, we tend to think back on those resolutions and guilt and embarrassment. Let us face it: we are busy and our routines, making new friends, we recognize that we can’t set realistic goals. The good news is, there is still enough left “resets” our resolution, finished strong this year!

Redefine your #ResolutionReset 2016 health goalsWith the help of your helmet size, now $ 60 #ResolutionReset goal to take off as a users! Its and its simple, seamless way to share your weight with MyFitnessPal, you do not need to manually log in again.

MyFitnessPal we asked to give us their #ResolutionReset, the results are encouraging and motivating.

Don’t beat yourself up! All starts with loving yourself.

Close the small changes in diet and fitness is very good place to start.

There is always room for eating better, laugh more!

Cut out sodas is a feat in itself! Fast food, you’re next!

You start, it’s about how you finish!

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