NCL crew members died and rescue boat drill

During a routine safety training drill in Bermuda four crew members of the Norwegian Breakaway were injured when the rescue boat they were lowering into the water as part of the drill broke from its tethering and was left hanging by a wire. The four men fell into the water and sustained injuries. The men were treated by ship’s medical staff and transferred to a local hospital, where one of the men passed away.

NCL crew members died and rescue boat drill
During routine security training exercise in Norway separate Bermuda four crew members when the ship they were lowered into the water in part of the exercise from the tethering broke through a wire hanging. Four men, fell into the water and was injured. Men were the ship’s medical staff treated and transferred to a local hospital, where one died.

Authorities were investigating the incident. The ship is expected to be from the Bermuda plan and return travel to New York on July 24.

We extend our sincere condolences to the families of the crew, and three crew injured a speedy recovery.

Crew and the heritage of the late crew negligence claims under the Jones Act is possible. Jones Act provisions on defective or dangerous condition, the employer knows or know of a sailor’s employer’s liability. In addition, members of the crew and the estate of the deceased crew members may claim doctrine of unseaworthiness, require the owner to remain seaworthy ships or vessels is free of unreasonable risk and/or unsafe conditions. In addition to these claims, claims for maintenance and cure injured crew members. Regardless of fault, due to illness or injury during their employment of seafarers are entitled to maintenance, cure, and wages for doing nothing. Maintenance refers to the sailor and reasonable accommodation expenses while ashore, until he or she is fit for duty or reached maximum medical improvement. Unearned wages are the sailor would have earned the wages have not become his illness or injury, for the purposes of the voyage. Finally, the cure, refers to the rehabilitation of the seafarers of reasonable medical expenses. Another Federal statues may apply depending on the location on the high seas Act maritime tort (“anger”) died.

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NCL crew members died and rescue boat drill

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