Independent comedy film ‘ trolls ‘ showing a patent troll

A new film, tentatively entitled ‘TROLLS‘, is currently in pre-production and into fundraising on Indiegogo.  Apparently, the film is a feature length comedy (comedy? really?) about start-ups, crowdfunding, and patent trolls.

Independent comedy film trolls showing a patent troll

A new film, tentatively entitled ‘ giant ‘, is currently in pre-production and into Indiegogo fundraising. Apparently, the movie is a feature-length (comedy? Are you serious? ), Startups, funding, and .

This is understandable, the working title of patent assertion entity! Probably not a great idea. Whether you believe patent trolls (reference) is a United States legal system (and so) ugly, bad acne on the face, I would like to commend their Moxie.


Filmmakers are using the funds in Austin, Texas, brought to life new comedy movie. ‘ Troll ‘ will be a technology venture, destroyed a patent troll, but figure out creative ways to counter the story!

Faillon, new comedy feature film for writer-director, writes:

Play after a few months of research, including first-hand information from Marshall, TX, stories from entrepreneurs, residents have been (or are still), prosecution, and from a variety of podcasts that, over the past few years involvement with the troll story. I hope bright light shone throughout the development of the industry and the film’s absurd.

Input, troll.

According to the press release issued by:

Troll story (fictional) science and technology in Austin, Texas, has created a stunning new–NeverCharge battery. Their equipment to use magnets with Wireless charging will be any cell phone battery is fully charged … Combination ever. Naturally, their invention of the world turmoil and they shatter fund-raising records. Everything was great until they were served with the lawsuit by patent trolls. They lost everything, Marshall, TX judge cool using outdated intellectual property law or interpretation of strong troll patents.

This sounds ridiculous, but it happens every day.

Trolls purpose this issue brings a wide range of audiences, Yong hopes his satirical overview industry will help Congress to move in the right direction. “What I can’t do, legally … … But maybe if I can then do what people would do something.

You can find out more today at Indiegogo campaign contributions:

Here is the press release for the film:

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