How to spend a longer time (plus the best advice)

I’ve got a slightly “off topic” tip for you all today — How to Make Flowers Last Longer

How to spend a longer time (plus the best advice)

I sort of “track” tip to you all – how to more time

Yes, I understand. This is a blog, correct?

Well, it’s true. I usually think of myself as a healthy lifestyle, budget-friendly blog, but sometimes outside of that territory.

Very, very interested in current affairs and how they intersect our lives and health, caring tips.

Kitchen tips, DIY tips, money saving tips–all of it.

Tips like:

The easiest way to Peel Garlic
The easiest way to freeze berries
How to replace the sweetener

And more.

Really, when you think it, today’s tip is about health. And saving money.

In nature is a great way to add to your emotional (and physical) health, and add a bit of outdoor activities (as in the form of cut flowers) can do a lot of lifting your mood, make you feel healthier.

My little boy and my husband always brings fresh flowers, light up our home, I usually set them in a small vase (or glass) by the receiver.

I know for me, when I see a flower in my kitchen sink, which makes washing dishes and doing chores in the kitchen quite a bit more enjoyable, as we all know, happiness is an important part of health.

Of course, if you spend money to buy cut flowers, and then find a way to cut is a great budget stretching tips.

So, we do it, OK?

Flowers and I

I never take the fan. Well, I mean I like flowers, but I don’t like how expensive – they are when they die, I really don’t like.

It basically felt like buying flowers is like pouring money down to me.

Yes, I can sometimes be stoic.

So other women love flowers, I purposely asked my husband (and I asked him before we got married too) don’t buy me flowers.


He thought I was strange.

But that’s just me.

As I have said, however, I will gladly host wild flowers. Any time.

Recently inherited some are just gorgeous flowers and I wanted to find out how to make them stay fresh as long as possible.

I just want to drink in the longest time possible the real beauty.

They are bouquets of wild flowers–just pure natural beauty, with so many colors. Head over heels

Struck is at least one with the flowers, it is.

Anyway, for years I have turned to how to keep flowers fresh, and some hints, while others haven’t done.

So I got online to see what other options.

Here I culled from the Internet, including why they should list of job options.

Each has its merits, but then what would we talk about my choices and the best.

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How to spend a longer time (plus the best advice)

How to make flowers last longer

  • Pruning – in the water before pruning stems at a 45-degree angle. This allows more water to be absorbed.
  • Remove–remove the leaves from the lower half of the stem-leaves-is the growth of bacteria is the place to shorten the life of the flowers
  • Add water–water and every day to check water levels
  • Use the filtered water–filtered water is better
  • Sterile vase – again, the bacteria can shorten the life of the flowers
  • Bleach-reducing bacteria
  • Remain dark-Sun and heat to encourage flowers age/maturity
  • Vodka – vodka, or any production of vinyl alcohol may have stopped, but it can also help to prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • Sprite-some people say that acid in the water can help and others that help sugar flowers.
  • Apple Cider vinegar and sugar – sugar-vinegar is an antibacterial agent and as a flower food
  • Refrigerator-cold temperatures slow the aging flowers
  • Aspirin – aspirin can reduce the pH value of water
  • Add a penny-the “real” copper coin is acidifying agent, is believed to help keep flowers fresh
  • Flower preservation package (your florist)

After a look at the list above, I decided to try apple cider vinegar and sugar options, plus some additional filtering of the water in a vase.

Really didn’t feel invested in the flower fresh stuff (plus I’m not too keen on more of the artificial environment, I found the flowers fresh is one of the components in the package of bleach! (Source)

Blech ! No, thank you! My flowers are not worth putting bleach in my home or environment.

It feels like some of the other options is not what to spend their money on (like sprite! )。 I mean, if I was going to drink sprite rest, I might invest in a bottle of my flowers, but because we are struggling with Candida here and soda (we never buy soda may actually Zevia or white very rare circumstances) my health was not on the list, I don’t want to take it to the House for that purpose.

We do not have in our House, aspirin also forgot my vodka (plus it was fairly expensive way to keep flowers fresh, in my opinion), and didn’t want my flowers in the fridge, of course, because it is hard to enjoy them when they are hidden.

So in the Apple Cider vinegar mixed with water, and so set about doing the experiment.

I have a couple of vases, and most of the light in the room, but a vase in the bathroom, tend to be more dark.

Three days later, they still look good, except stems and does not draw water (Oh! )

Even more interesting is that later on the Internet and found this show that my chosen method, in fact, the best test. (Source)

This is really interesting, when you discover what you choose to do, in fact, the best choice of all.

Better still, it is toxin free!

Oh, and here you can see my bathroom beeeyoootiful on Instagram flower vase (and of course, you can also follow me).

How to spend a longer time (plus the best advice)

The best way to make the flowers last longer

What do you need

Filtered water (tap water will work, but the filter is better. Here is the water filters we use)
Apple Cider vinegar (we use the brand)
(Just plain sugar. We have some around for making Kombucha tea)


1. Add filtered water to the vase.

2. remove the leaves from the lower half of the stem.

3. place 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons sugar in a container and mix.

4. Add to the mixture of the vase. Depending on the size vase, you can add more or less of the vinegar and sugar mixture.

5. Add to a vase of flowers.

6. If possible, keep your flowers in a cool and dark room (for example, thermal vents and bright lights)

7. about once every 2-3 days, changing the water, add more solution to vases and pruning flower again or at least flush with the stem.

8. enjoy your flowers for a long time!

Do you like your home, with flowers?
What you’re trying to get them to the end and it works?

Mail on how to spend more time (plus the best advice) first appeared in the new mother.

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