Full-time MOM Jennifer Layden is how to lose 75 lbs! (You can do it, too! )

In August 2012, Jennifer Layden, 38, decided to get serious about losing weight. “I was tired of having to wear plus-sized clothes. In my town there aren’t a lot of choices for larger women, so I hated what I looked like in the clothes I had to wear,” says Jennifer. She also wanted to be a role model for her two young daughters, ages 8 and 11. “I didn’t want my children to be embarrassed to have an overweight mum, who wasn’t able to do things with them. My self-esteem was low and I felt invisible.”

In August 2012, Layden,38, decided to make serious weight loss. “I’m tired of having to wear plus size clothes. In my town does not have many choices for bigger women, I hate what I like clothes, I had to wear, “says Jennifer. She wants her two young daughters, a role model 8-11. “I don’t want to embarrass my kids overweight mother, not things they do. My self esteem is low, I feel invisible.

Jennifer knew she needed a change, so she decided to try . “It’s so easy to keep track of the huge food database and scanners for food,” she said. “Before I start losing weight, I am not all exercise, unless the whole family to the Zoo or something. I eat too many calories-many candies, including chocolate, pastry, ice cream-and not enough real food. MyFitnessPal help me with my food and nutrition, because it showed me what level of macro-and micro-nutrients to focus on. Forums are also very helpful whenever I had a question. Finally, my diet is not too drastically change. I took the IIFYM–macro if it suits you, so I’m not against anything from my diet. “

A couple of weeks to kick off her weight loss journey, Canada’s mother bought the Fitbit. “I would like to start tracking my activity and . I soon began to use it 24/7 and had a crush on my statistics tracking, and goal setting. I start with the Fitbit Ultra, now have one, this is awesome. It is so small and discreet! I would love to see my calories throughout the day, knowing that I am on track with my activities, “says Jennifer.

In less than two years of tracking food and exercise her, Jennifer made a huge milestone. “As of March 30, 2014, I lost 75 pounds. It’s hard to believe me that being overweight–it is a lot of excess fat, no person, let alone a man 5′ 2 ″! , “She said. “I went from 18/20 jeans and size 10 jeans and small to medium shirt size 2XL shirt.”

Jennifer to stay in shape for a walk today. “When I started using Fitbit, and it sure makes me want to add more activities into my day. I started walking 2 km [1.2 miles] every time I go out, and now I walk at least 10 km [6.2 miles] per session, and I am now 16 kilometers (about 10 miles) max. I also tried some home DVD campaign and use the treadmill interval, but I prefer walking outside to others. 95% around in my daily exercise. “

Jennifer admits serious worries about her health was the best thing she did for herself and her family. “I love MyFitnessPal Fitbit to me. I couldn’t have achieved such success without them! “

Thank you for your love, Jennifer! We wish you continued good health, happiness and success!

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