Florida Boater drowned in Nassau River

It is being reported from Fernandina Beach, Florida that a boater has drowned near the Goffinsville Park and Ramp in the Nassau River while launching an aluminum fishing boat. The man, identified as 55-year-old, Anthony Rankin, from Yulee, Florida. Lt. Tony Wright of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission stated that Mr. Rankin and another man were launching a fishing boat near 9 a.m. Thursday morning. The victim stayed in the boat while the other man parked the motor vehicle and trailer. A witness on the scene reported that Mr. Rankin “gave too much throttle” causing him to go overboard. Mr. Rankin attempted to hold onto the circling boat while in the water before letting go and attempting to swim to shore. While swimming to shore it is reported that Mr. Rankin “struggled and went under the water.” Bystanders pulled Mr. Rankin from the water and preformed CPR until medics arrived. He was taken to Baptist Medical Center Nassau where he died.

Florida Boater drowned in Nassau RiverAccording to reports from fernandina Beach, Boater when starting the aluminum fishing boat have near Goffinsville Park and Nassau River ramps. The man, identified as 55 years old, Anthony · Rankin, from Orlando, Florida. Lieutenant Tony Wright of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission noted that Rankin, starting 9 am Thursday morning and another man a fishing boat. Motor vehicles and trailers parked and another man, the victim stayed on board. A witness at the scene reported, Mr Rankin “give too much throttle” led him to go to extremes. Mr Rankin release before circling trying to catch the boat in the water and tried to swim to the shore. Swimming to shore reported that Mr Rankin “struggling, into the water. Bystanders from the water larrangin and pre-CPR, until medical personnel arrive. He was taken to Baptist Medical Center Nassau, where he died.

Source: the News Herald

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