Fast or slow: pace winning the weight-loss contest?

To some extent, everyone wants immediate results — especially when it comes to weight loss (cue fad diets and “miracle” diet pills). Eating healthy, staying active and cutting calories are proven ways to lose weight, but they are part of a gradual process that’s not always easy. So, which path should we take for achieving long-term weight-loss success?

Somehow, everyone wants instant results-especially when it comes to loss (tip fad diets and “miracle” diet pills). Eat healthy, stay active and cutting calories an effective way to lose weight, but it is a gradual process, it is not always the easy part. So which path we should in order to achieve long-term weight loss success?

Step by step weight loss, centers for disease control and prevention recommends weekly, or eat little 500–1000 calories daily loss of 1-2 . Please note that this is not taking into account individual factors of general recommendations. Because no two bodies are the same weight loss is acceptable also depends on your personal health. Although experts condemned the rapid weight loss, the word for contention. After all, the “fast track” to lose weight can range from losing pounds of 2–10 per week or more! For this article, losing more than 2 pounds per week is considered to be fast. General consensus is that slow and steady is better than the fast weight loss – but let’s examine the pros and cons of each.

Technical Note: MyFitnessPal application allows you to select from 0.5 to 2 pounds per week. Adjust this to your “target” set to meet your needs.

If you have a lot of weight, lose and you under the guidance of a doctor, you may be able to get away with losing speed. For example, patients who had gastric bypass surgery may be prescribed a very low 300-600 calorie a day diet. About 800 calories is very low calorie diet can also provide a lot of weight, lose; generally, these involve special meal replacements and supplements to meet the nutritional needs of all.

Let us not forget the sport of Marathon, and really clean. This intense cutting popular fast weight loss and exercise way on a regular basis (mainly in the form of water weight), but hard to keep it boring and strict way, the result is often short term and is not recommended.

For most of us, weight loss is more realistic and can be achieved in a progressive manner. It will not ask you to significantly reduce calorie intake or hit the entire food groups close to your diet. Instead, you set your own pace and inculcate simple healthy habits-such as soda water or take a walk after supper – long term, your health benefits. There are a lot of options and routes up, eat clean and take the time to explore and choose what is most pleasant. When you are happy, and easier to stick to your goals and implementations.

It comes down is this: slow and steady weight loss is more feasible and sustainable, the reality for most of us, compared to rapid weight loss. Quick fix won’t last long, because a lot of people in recovery back to old habits of diet and exercise to lose weight. A gradual pace so that you learn how to diet and exercise, a little at a time. Experiment with your weight loss strategies and, if necessary, look at what is best for you to consult medical professionals.

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