During the tour jet skiing accident Texans died

A cruise ship passenger traveling onboard the Carnival Splendor died last Wednesday due to a Jet Ski accident at Cockleshell Bay in Sports, the 40-year-old man from Texas rented a Jet Ski and while jet skiing had some difficulty falling from the personal watercraft into the water. Friends assisted him to shore and Emergency Medical Services transferred him to Joseph N. France General Hospital where he was later pronounced dead. We extend our deepest sympathies to his loved ones. Local agencies are investigating this incident.

During the tour jet skiing accident Texans diedCruise passengers traveling carnival glory sports away beneath the Bay on board the jet-ski accident last Wednesday, 40 years old man from Texas to rent a Jet, as well as difficulty Jet Ski personal watercraft into the water. Friends assisted him to the shore and emergency services transferred him to Joseph; France announced after General Hospital where died. The person to whom we love our deepest condolences. Local agencies are investigating the incident.

Cruise lines are often used as shore excursions offer a variety of water sports. While many cruise ship passengers believe that tours cruise companies on its Web site provided by the cruise lines themselves, rarely is the case. lines refused to contractors, despite the claims of these companies control from shore excursions and cruises profit all liability for negligence.

We successfully represented the cruise ship passengers because of injury while participating in shore excursions claim against the cruise of negligent failure to warn of dangerous or defective condition and a negligent selection and/or retention of shore excursion operators liability theories. For more information, please visit our passenger cruise ship shore excursions injuries and accidents page on our website or contact us.


From a jet-ski accident in St Kitts cruises, cruise ship passenger mould hive, on September 3, 2016

Jet-Ski claims life of travel, SKNVibes,2016, September 1

During the tour jet skiing accident Texans died

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