DIY sticky eyes essential oil

My son doesn’t look so good there, does he?It is for sure not fun needing a Natural Remedy for Pink Eye or for “Goopy Eyes” anytime — but in the summer it just seems wrong.

DIY sticky eyes essential oil

My son is not a good thing, him?

It’s certainly not fun for pink eye, or “ eyes” need a remedies at any time – but in the summer seems to be wrong.

You know what I mean–right? Being sick almost no one else is sick in the summer, you can play pool or outside–it is just a scumbag.

But it happened to my younger son this summer, and it took time.

It all started when he came back from the Party on Saturday told me,

“I feel good, MOM.”

My initial idea was that he ate too much junk in the party. Host has been generous, gluten-free hot dog buns as an option, but my children are not in a lot of carbs, get good grades and good-his party more than he deserved.

Now, it may be too much carbohydrate and foods to speed up things and make the disease lasts longer, but soon it became apparent food is not a problem.

He is. Yes, that’s right. It’s true. Ill.

He came home about half an hour, I think he felt warm, so I had to take his temperature, and he had a fever.  So he settled down in front of the TV and start watching video on you tube of the lone. DIY sticky eyes essential oil We are all close friends of the Lone Ranger and Ranger in our home over the last few days … …

And many more things–her fever climbed and began to hurt, followed by a terrible sore throat, and more.

When he complained about a strange chest and back pain, but referred me to call our doctor, our last in urgent concern some respiratory problems.

Turned out to be pretty bland this visit, we came home with more comfortable but worn out and sick kids and I can throw his more natural as possible all the illness.

Many threw it.

Loads of natural remedies sore throat.

Because I worry about overuse of antibiotics, and I don’t like most of the non-prescription drug ingredients, I’d rather go to nature.

Below are before I share some of the other natural supports:

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“Sticky eyes” started

Anyway, after a few days, my son’s right eye started “gooping”. He has quite a bit of discharge, woke up, he was trapped with his eyes closed.

I don’t know what it is.

It is pink eye (conjunctivitis)? He is not only technically virus is just another symptom of pink eye?

Whatever it is, his eyes struggling and needs support.

A few years ago, breast milk would have been my choice, remedial approach, but alas my nursing days are gone, so to turn to other sources of healing.

I immediately looked up how to help support his body, so that his eyes healed and suggests several solutions, but in the end will use Chamomile tea bags, first, and then with some diluted oils. Essential oil blend looks really is the way to go.

I use the following essential oils mixed in the eyes of his sticky, and when the conditions to his other eye, we used it on both sides. They all clean up pretty quickly.

About a week later, my eldest son got the same illness.

He, however, went straight to his ears first, so we’ve done some work to use this natural remedies ear infection (and other help I will share soon), but now his eyes are sticky, so now is the time, once again to blend.

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Here are the details about the blends.

I selected the following essential oils for my “sticky eyes essential oil mix” for the following reasons:


Lavender essential oil helps to support the immune system, also have antibacterial effects (source)


Melaleuca oils have been shown to have antimicrobial effects (source)

Note about Melaleuca:

  1. Melaleuca (or Naouli–Melaleuca Quinquenervia, and should not be used in children under 6 years of age)
  2. Tea tree oil Melaleuca on Mitchell is not the same. Please be sure to check your purchase to ensure you get what you want oil Latin name. In this case you want Melaleuca Quinquenervia. Melaleuca is otherwise called Naouli so you may see a name by some retailers.

About carrier oils, you can use any quality oil. Fractionated coconut oil is a favorite because it does not get dirty (or table), and long shelf life. However, you can also use almond, grape seed oil, olive oil, and so on. )

Because you will typically use this mixture of kids during the day and at night, I fractionated coconut oil is recommended in order to avoid staining clothes and sheets.

I hope this can help you when you need to, I certainly hope you don’t need it as we did during the summer.

Why did the company essential oil?

Oh, and for those of you who have not been here for a long time, if you want to know why I went with this particular company as “the best essential oils”, you can read the series here.

Or you can skip to the end to read here why I love Rocky Mountain oil.

I’ll be sharing more of their oil in the near future.

DIY sticky eyes essential oil

DIY sticky eyes essential oil


1 tsp of carrier oil (such as fractionated coconut oil)
4 drops of Melaleuca (Naouli) oil
3 drops of lavender essential oil


  1. The carrier oil in a glass container (the dark glasses, the better). Roll these bottles are very convenient.
  2. Add essential oils.
  3. Shaking or mixing.
  4. Apply to the affected eye orbital bone, be careful not to get any grease in the eyeball itself mixture.
  5. Will be stored in a dark area.

Sticky eyes or pink eye, what have you done?

Sticky eyes or pink eye, what have you done?

DIY sticky after essential oil mix first appeared in the eyes of a whole new mother.

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