Cruise ship collision with three boats in Boston Harbor

The U.S. Coast Guard is investigating a mechanical failure which caused the Boston Harbor Cruises ship Regency to collide with three other tourist boats belonging to the same company while approaching Long Wharf. A witness to the incident, Rick Natale, stated “It looked like the captain had no control.” Natale told Fox News that the Regency collided with the speed boat Codzilla then became wedged between a whale-watching boat and water taxi. Other witnesses told news outlets that black, thick smoke emanated from the Regency as it tried to reverse.

Cruise ship collision with three boats in Boston HarborUnited States is investigating the mechanical failures led to Boston Harbor by boat ship Regent and three other close to long wharf and tourist ships belonging to the same company collided. In the incident, g ยท Antonio Di Natale, one witness said “it looks like the captain without any control. “Antonio Di Natale told Fox News that Regent Codzilla high-speed boat collided and became trapped between whale boats and water taxis. Other witnesses told the news media from the Regency, when it is trying to turn black, thick smoke.

The Regency was carrying dozens of passengers when the happened. Firefighters were called in to escort the passengers off the disabled cruise ship to the scene. All the passengers and crew of cruise ships are safely ashore. Coast Guard whale watching boats and water taxis incidents reported only minor damage, but Regent and Codzilla needs to be repaired.

Statement on the Boston Harbor by boat: “that air control actuator in the container of one of the four engines failed. This failure prevents Captain Hook’s starboard outboard engine propulsion method of a process he long wharf.

Source: Fox News travel
Maritime Administration

Photograph: Evan Kirstel/Twitter

Cruise ship collision with three boats in Boston Harbor

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