Caramel coconut chips (such as the “hsiang” brand) and low carbohydrate and AIP options

This Homemade Caramelized & Toasted Coconut Chips Recipe is one of the most helpful recipes I have ever come up with.

Caramel coconut chips (such as the hsiang brand) and low carbohydrate and AIP options

This homemade caramel and roasted recipe I came up with one of the most helpful recipes.


Numerous reasons.

I am a busy mom, and I’m a frugal MOM, we have special diets in our House.

My oldest son has life-threatening food allergies, plus due to the existence in our terrible intestinal Candida, toward the low end of carbohydrates in our diet.

In addition, I have 2 boys. Growing boys. Fast-growing boys.

They are also hungry.

Sometimes I’m just surprised that these boys can eat the amount of food–especially my youngest son. He will eat snacks, and a big plate of dinner, and then he was before going to bed hungry. Again.

Have enough health around food for them can be difficult but it is more difficult to have things around without breaking the food budget. With some easy so I don’t often heated oven, spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

When we have from our garden when Kale, kale chips are popular here, and I want to make these gourmet coconut, Almond Joy bar, homemade protein and Snickerdoodle cookie dough around ball.

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So the idea of snacks for the family is that:

  • Is allergy friendly
  • There is a low carb option
  • Budget-friendly
  • Is easy to prepare
  • Is healthy

Input-caramel and toasted coconut chips.

These small dots of texture and sweet taste is just perfect.

If you bought them in a shop, you know what I’m talking about.


But there is only 1 problem.

Check out this popular brand of coconut chips.

Now, these taste amazing, but they “only 12 1.43 oz $ 19.99 Kit” was surprised?


We don’t even talk about organic coconut, man!

Caramel coconut chips (such as the hsiang brand) and low carbohydrate and AIP options

I bought everything (almost) in the majority.

Coconut is suitable for use in the “all” category one.

We buy 25-pound bag, medium shredded coconut and I bought 25 pounds a bag of chips and coconut. Coconut has very good shelf life, so it works for us.

In that bulk quantity, received only US $ 2.60 a pound and 1 pound coconut chips. I’m thinking of moving to organic coconut chips and let them in bulk at $ 4.44 per pound (you can get these cheap, and depending on where you shop.

Either way, you can see in the shop to buy for savings is just incredible.

There is more I have used over the years, the coconut chips flavor options, I will share them with you. But these are basic standbys, we love them.

They are so good … Basically if you like coconut, you will love these.

As I recently took them to a friend’s House to share and they were a huge hit. I left her because she loves them so much that she is trying to get garbage out o she’s eating habits–I promise I got recipes on the blog as soon as possible. So here it is:).

The roasted coconut chips are a fabulous way to not succumb to junk food, eat sweet, if you use a low-carb sweeteners you don’t feed Candida.

The main thing to remember when the chips are really watching you cook, heat and really coconut chips. I toast mine on lowest heat possible in front of the stove–well, just a bit over the lowest heat. But also watching them like a hawk.

I made it a few times is not enough, pay close attention to their mistakes, and they are easy to burn. If you catch them early enough in the combustion process and they are still edible, but once you get to a certain point, they are simply terrible is not for you either.

Do you live near the coconut chips? Here is how to make coconut chips and torn to pieces.

Caramel coconut chips (such as the hsiang brand) and low carbohydrate and AIP optionsHomemade roasted coconut chips from 1 5.0 comments Caramel coconut chips (such as the hsiang brand) and low carbohydrate and AIP options author: Adrienne recipe type: snack food: gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, grain-free, low carb, ancient, AIP service: 6 cups Cook time: 15 min total time: 15 minutes to print to save money and to keep up with these homemade roasted coconut chips snacks! These chips are special diet friendly and low in carbohydrates. Ingredients 6 cups coconut chips (here is how to make coconut chips and shredded) 6 t sweetener (or taste). Xylitol or 8 t for low carbohydrate, erythritol or THM (s), coconut sugar for the AIP 2 t water (if you are using coconut candy) ¼ teaspoon salt (I used real salt) directions put all ingredients in large bowl. Heat on the stovetop cooking over low heat until lightly toasted/Brown. To cool before eating. 3.4.3177

What is your favorite healthy snack?

Mail caramel coconut chips (such as “hsiang” brand) and low-carb options and AIP throughout the new mother appeared for the first time.

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