9 error you are working on your weight loss journey

We all wish there were a quick fix to losing weight. Unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet to make the number on your scale match your target weight. And according to the experts, in the pursuit of finding a fast fix, a lot of us are using weight-loss strategies that either don’t work or might even be backfiring.

We all want to have loss quick fixes. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet to making your own scale the number match your target weight. According to experts, to find a quick fix, pursue our strategy is being used by many people to lose weight, does not work, or may even be counterproductive.

Did you do something wrong? Here are the worst of the nine strategies you can use to lose weight–on the contrary what you should do and skills.

1. more work, but eat less.

This is one of the biggest mistakes of authentication strength, air conditioning expert norm · Tamir and his clients. “The two things don’t go together,” he said. When you zoom in to your exercise regimen, your body will crave more food, fuel by intensive training. So when you try to eat fewer at the same time, you could end up depriving your body and risk triggering a binge.

2. obsessed with reducing calories.

Even if you don’t your daily exercise, your diet is too restrictive, could have the opposite effect, said ailisalinshi, MS, RD, “though it sounds counterintuitive, eating too little heat will stop you from losing weight, your body hold on to more heat, because it can’t get enough fuel,” she said. “Calorie restriction can lead to metabolic damage, it will be difficult for you to lose weight.

3. addicted to work.

Overkill in the gym or the opposite effect, or even from your diet when you get enough fuel. “When you work out too much, you’ll end up burning fat, in addition to the muscle,” said Tamir, T.S in New York. the founder of fitness. “Increase your stress hormones in the body, making weight loss more difficult. You put a lot of pressure on your joints, can lead to injuries caused by moving less weight. “Submit is a key part of the time in the gym to lose weight, but only if you give your body what it needs recovery time between sweat sessions.

4. the strategy of not eating snacks.

Reflect on the key components of our diet is to lose weight. Avoid like the plague is not the answer. “We know that people should eat pickles and snacks, but where do people take it to them all day, snacking, and, may be counterproductive,” the food chain, the road “it can also reduce your hunger and satiety. When you eat lots of small meals, and you lose consciousness, you are really hungry. ” If you choose not to eat mini meals a day, make sure you pay attention to the overall calories you intake of nutrients in a day–all of these snacks is rapidly increasing.

5. do not eat breakfast.

Your mother was not kidding when she said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day: give it means that your body into starvation mode where it stores food, not fuel. Tamir said: “I saw the customers do not want to eat in the morning, because they think this way, they can reduce calorie intake”. “Then they end at dinner they most sedentary will overeat, eat a lot.” This is a double whammy to your waistline.

6. doing cleansing or Detox Diets.

Despite all the hype, cleaning can be dangerous. “Taste and the juice can be great but you may still consume a lot of calories,” said Geagan, author of go green, get lean. Juice is full of “superfoods” are often high in calories, and sometimes people mistake fruit juices to be meal replacements as alternative to diet soda or other drinks. Similarly, the juice wash for several days without really teaching you new eating habits. “Looking for a diet plan, and insisted that its consistency is much more effective strategies than this ‘ Detox-retox’ strategy,” Geagan said. “You need to be able to persist for a long time.”

7. too much heart.

According to Tamir, when people only doing cardio to lose weight are often a “skinny fat”. Avoid strength training when you go to the gym to increase your calories burned will help you drop those pounds, but the fly in the ointment is that it will not change your body composition. Too much can even even burning muscle and increase your percentage of body fat. “Our bodies are used to training soon,” adds Rumsey, is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. “It is to keep your body guessing shorter, more intense exercise is better. High-intensity interval training has been shown in less time, burn more calories, after-sales service training can take up to 24 hours after burn.

8. Prohibition of fat or cutting out carbohydrates.

Nixing the singular group, like all fats, carbohydrates, or sugars, is likely to backfire. Rumsey, school of nutrition and dietetics, a spokesman said: “Although you can lose weight in the short term, these diets are not easy to maintain in the long run, man.” Cut an entire category of nutrients means that you are cutting out good things, too. “Don’t eat carbs and sugar can cut your fuel,” Geagan said. “Carbohydrate is the fuel our bodies really these miracle”. In other words, you need them. Rather than ban main nutrients, pay attention to portion size. “Portion size is poison,” Geagan said. “You want to eat a balanced diet, have all nutrients.”

9. falling in love with the “health Halo”.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make, said Geagan, was involved in some food “health Halo”. Kale, qui slave sub quinoa, tequila and coconut to get hyped its nutritional benefits, does exist but that’s no excuse to start pouring coconut oil–it is a saturated fat – about everything. Eventually, weight loss is watching you the whole way, and not just one aspect of the target or an amazing Super foods to add to your plate. Rumsey added: “If you try to solve your diet you eat – such as emotional eating or stress eating–or the rest of your life, it’s not likely the weight will stay off. “

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