DIY sticky eyes essential oil

My son doesn’t look so good there, does he?It is for sure not fun needing a Natural Remedy for Pink Eye or for “Goopy Eyes” anytime — but in the summer it just seems wrong.

DIY sticky eyes essential oil

My son is not a good thing, him?

It’s certainly not fun for pink eye, or “sticky eyes” need a natural remedies at any time – but in the summer seems to be wrong.

You know what I mean–right? Being sick almost no one else is sick in the summer, you can play pool or outside–it is just a scumbag.

But it happened to my younger son this summer, and it took time.

It all started when he came back from the Party on Saturday told me,

“I feel good, MOM.”

My initial idea was that he ate too much junk in the party. Host has been generous, gluten-free hot dog buns as an option, but my children are not in a lot of carbs, get good grades and good-his party more than he deserved.

Now, it may be too much carbohydrate and foods to speed up things and make the disease lasts longer, but soon it became apparent food is not a problem.

He is. Yes, that’s right. It’s true. Ill.

He came home about half an hour, I think he felt warm, so I had to take his temperature, and he had a fever.  So he settled down in front of the TV and start watching video on you tube of the lone. DIY sticky eyes essential oil We are all close friends of the Lone Ranger and Ranger in our home over the last few days … …

And many more things–her fever climbed and began to hurt, followed by a terrible sore throat, and more.

When he complained about a strange chest and back pain, but referred me to call our doctor, our last in urgent concern some respiratory problems.

Turned out to be pretty bland this visit, we came home with more comfortable but worn out and sick kids and I can throw his more natural as possible all the illness.

Many threw it.

Loads of natural remedies sore throat.

Because I worry about overuse of antibiotics, and I don’t like most of the non-prescription drug ingredients, I’d rather go to nature.

Below are before I share some of the other natural supports:

DIY cold and flu remedies
Natural ear infection remedies
Incredible wart remedies
Naturally conducive to digestion
Natural help for anxiety

“Sticky eyes” started

Anyway, after a few days, my son’s right eye started “gooping”. He has quite a bit of discharge, woke up, he was trapped with his eyes closed.

I don’t know what it is.

It is pink eye (conjunctivitis)? He is not only technically virus is just another symptom of pink eye?

Whatever it is, his eyes struggling and needs support.

A few years ago, breast milk would have been my choice, remedial approach, but alas my nursing days are gone, so to turn to other sources of healing.

I immediately looked up how to help support his body, so that his eyes healed and suggests several solutions, but in the end will use Chamomile tea bags, first, and then with some diluted essential oils. Essential oil blend looks really is the way to go.

I use the following essential oils mixed in the eyes of his sticky, and when the conditions to his other eye, we used it on both sides. They all clean up pretty quickly.

About a week later, my eldest son got the same illness.

He, however, went straight to his ears first, so we’ve done some work to use this natural remedies ear infection (and other help I will share soon), but now his eyes are sticky, so now is the time, once again to blend.

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Here are the details about the blends.

I selected the following essential oils for my “sticky eyes essential oil mix” for the following reasons:


Lavender essential oil helps to support the immune system, also have antibacterial effects (source)


Melaleuca oils have been shown to have antimicrobial effects (source)

Note about Melaleuca:

  1. Melaleuca (or Naouli–Melaleuca Quinquenervia, and should not be used in children under 6 years of age)
  2. Tea tree oil Melaleuca on Mitchell is not the same. Please be sure to check your purchase to ensure you get what you want oil Latin name. In this case you want Melaleuca Quinquenervia. Melaleuca is otherwise called Naouli so you may see a name by some retailers.

About carrier oils, you can use any quality oil. Fractionated coconut oil is a favorite because it does not get dirty (or table), and long shelf life. However, you can also use almond, grape seed oil, olive oil, and so on. )

Because you will typically use this mixture of kids during the day and at night, I fractionated coconut oil is recommended in order to avoid staining clothes and sheets.

I hope this can help you when you need to, I certainly hope you don’t need it as we did during the summer.

Why did the company essential oil?

Oh, and for those of you who have not been here for a long time, if you want to know why I went with this particular company as “the best essential oils”, you can read the series here.

Or you can skip to the end to read here why I love Rocky Mountain oil.

I’ll be sharing more of their oil in the near future.

DIY sticky eyes essential oil

DIY sticky eyes essential oil


1 tsp of carrier oil (such as fractionated coconut oil)
4 drops of Melaleuca (Naouli) oil
3 drops of lavender essential oil


  1. The carrier oil in a glass container (the dark glasses, the better). Roll these bottles are very convenient.
  2. Add essential oils.
  3. Shaking or mixing.
  4. Apply to the affected eye orbital bone, be careful not to get any grease in the eyeball itself mixture.
  5. Will be stored in a dark area.

Sticky eyes or pink eye, what have you done?

Sticky eyes or pink eye, what have you done?

DIY sticky after essential oil mix first appeared in the eyes of a whole new mother.

Two cruise ship passengers off Norway gem Medevaced

The Coast Guard is reporting a medical evacuation of two passengers off the Norwegian Gem. The rescue occurred early morning on July 24, 2016. The cruise ship contacted sector Hampton Roads Command Center in Portsmouth and notified it that the two passengers were experiencing “medical complications”. The liner was about 75 miles northeast of Cape Henry at the time of the emergency. The medical rescue was executed by a MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew and assisted by a C-130 Hercules aircraft crew from Air Station Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Both men were hoisted on board the helicopter shortly after 5 a.m.

Two cruise ship passengers off Norway gem MedevacedCoast guard reported medical evacuation two passengers off Norway gems. Rescue occurred on July 24, 2016. Cruise contact Hampton Roads command center in Portsmouth, notice that two passengers were experiencing “complications”. Liner at Cape Henry, about 75 miles northeast of emergencies. Medical assistance is carried out by MH 60 Jayhawk helicopter crew, and assisted by the C-130 Hercules aircraft crew from air station Elizabeth City, North Carolina. 5 this morning shortly after two crane helicopter

Passengers were flown to Norfolk, forest talanuofuke General Hospital for treatment. Norway gems by the Miami, Florida based on Norway cruises.

Two cruise ship passengers off Norway gem Medevaced

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NCL crew members died and rescue boat drill

During a routine safety training drill in Bermuda four crew members of the Norwegian Breakaway were injured when the rescue boat they were lowering into the water as part of the drill broke from its tethering and was left hanging by a wire. The four men fell into the water and sustained injuries. The men were treated by ship’s medical staff and transferred to a local hospital, where one of the men passed away.

NCL crew members died and rescue boat drill
During routine security training exercise in Norway separate Bermuda four crew members when the ship they were lowered into the water in part of the exercise from the tethering broke through a wire hanging. Four men, fell into the water and was injured. Men were the ship’s medical staff treated and transferred to a local hospital, where one died.

Authorities were investigating the incident. The ship is expected to be from the Bermuda plan and return travel to New York on July 24.

We extend our sincere condolences to the families of the crew, and three crew injured a speedy recovery.

Crew and the heritage of the late crew negligence claims under the Jones Act is possible. Jones Act provisions on defective or dangerous condition, the employer knows or should know of a sailor’s employer’s liability. In addition, members of the crew and the estate of the deceased crew members may claim doctrine of unseaworthiness, require the owner to remain seaworthy ships or vessels is free of unreasonable risk and/or unsafe conditions. In addition to these claims, claims for maintenance and cure injured crew members. Regardless of fault, due to illness or injury during their employment of seafarers are entitled to maintenance, cure, and wages for doing nothing. Maintenance refers to the sailor and reasonable accommodation expenses while ashore, until he or she is fit for duty or reached maximum medical improvement. Unearned wages are the sailor would have earned the wages have not become his illness or injury, for the purposes of the voyage. Finally, the cure, refers to the rehabilitation of the seafarers of reasonable medical expenses. Another Federal statues may apply depending on the location on the high seas Act maritime tort (“anger”) died.

Our company has a wealth of experience, on behalf of the crew of claims against their employers. If someone you love was injured, to learn more about your rights, please contact us.


Lifeboat crew crew death accidents, published in the Royal Gazette, July 21, 2016.
Crew members die in rescue ship Norway drilled on the separation, three other people were injured, GCaptain,2016, July 20.
4 injured Norway out of the lifeboat after the accident, Cruisehive,2016 July 20
BPS death patrol boat crew, BER news, July 20, 2016.


BER news

NCL crew members died and rescue boat drill

74 year old passenger Medevaced off Carnival breeze

Defense Imagery and Video System reports that the U.S. Coast Guard medevaced a 74 year old passenger from the Carnival Breeze on July 18, 2016. The Coast Guard Command center received a call around 3:20 p.m. reporting that a man was unconscious and had been revived by Carnival medical staff. The cruise ship was approximately 379 miles southwest of St. Petersburg, Florida.

74 year old passenger Medevaced off Carnival breeze
United States Coast Guard on July 18, 2016 medevaced 74 year old passenger from Carnival breeze defense image and video system reports. Coast Guard Command Center received about 3:20 speakers in the afternoon was unconscious and medical staff had resumed by Carnival. Cruiser is about 379 miles southwest of Saint Petersburg, Florida.

The helicopter crew arrived about 8 pm, flying men and he flew to Tampa General Hospital, where he arrived at about midnight. According to reports, after the arrival of the man in stable condition.

Cruise companies often boast about their medical facilities to provide similar quality standards, to medical facilities ashore. However, more often the passenger to be medevaced to hospital for further treatment. To underline how crucial the ships medical staff to assess emergency medical evacuation of patients in a timely manner may take a lot of time, could be crucial if the event of a serious injury or illness.

Source and image credit:

Coast Guard to the couriers 379 miles southwest of Saint Petersburg, July 19, 2016

74 year old passenger Medevaced off Carnival breeze

Caramel coconut chips (such as the “hsiang” brand) and low carbohydrate and AIP options

This Homemade Caramelized & Toasted Coconut Chips Recipe is one of the most helpful recipes I have ever come up with.

Caramel coconut chips (such as the hsiang brand) and low carbohydrate and AIP options

This homemade caramel and roasted coconut chips recipe I came up with one of the most helpful recipes.


Numerous reasons.

I am a busy mom, and I’m a frugal MOM, we have special diets in our House.

My oldest son has life-threatening food allergies, plus due to the existence in our terrible intestinal Candida, toward the low end of carbohydrates in our diet.

In addition, I have 2 boys. Growing boys. Fast-growing boys.

They are also hungry.

Sometimes I’m just surprised that these boys can eat the amount of food–especially my youngest son. He will eat snacks, and a big plate of dinner, and then he was before going to bed hungry. Again.

Have enough health around food for them can be difficult but it is more difficult to have things around without breaking the food budget. With some easy so I don’t often heated oven, spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

When we have from our garden when Kale, kale chips are popular here, and I want to make these gourmet coconut, Almond Joy bar, homemade protein and Snickerdoodle cookie dough around ball.

By the way, any of the following links may be affiliate links. If you click on it, and make the purchase, I might be able to a Committee. Thank you for your support and help keep this free resource is up and running.

So the idea of snacks for the family is that:

  • Is allergy friendly
  • There is a low carb option
  • Budget-friendly
  • Is easy to prepare
  • Is healthy

Input-caramel and toasted coconut chips.

These small dots of texture and sweet taste is just perfect.

If you bought them in a shop, you know what I’m talking about.


But there is only 1 problem.

Check out this popular brand of coconut chips.

Now, these taste amazing, but they “only 12 1.43 oz $ 19.99 Kit” was surprised?


We don’t even talk about organic coconut, man!

Caramel coconut chips (such as the hsiang brand) and low carbohydrate and AIP options

I bought everything (almost) in the majority.

Coconut is suitable for use in the “all” category one.

We buy 25-pound bag, medium shredded coconut and I bought 25 pounds a bag of chips and coconut. Coconut has very good shelf life, so it works for us.

In that bulk quantity, received only US $ 2.60 a pound and 1 pound coconut chips. I’m thinking of moving to organic coconut chips and let them in bulk at $ 4.44 per pound (you can get these cheap, and depending on where you shop.

Either way, you can see in the shop to buy options for savings is just incredible.

There is more I have used over the years, the coconut chips flavor options, I will share them with you. But these are basic standbys, we love them.

They are so good … Basically if you like coconut, you will love these.

As I recently took them to a friend’s House to share and they were a huge hit. I left her because she loves them so much that she is trying to get garbage out o she’s eating habits–I promise I got recipes on the blog as soon as possible. So here it is:).

The roasted coconut chips are a fabulous way to not succumb to junk food, eat sweet, if you use a low-carb sweeteners you don’t feed Candida.

The main thing to remember when the chips are really watching you cook, heat and really coconut chips. I toast mine on lowest heat possible in front of the stove–well, just a bit over the lowest heat. But also watching them like a hawk.

I made it a few times is not enough, pay close attention to their mistakes, and they are easy to burn. If you catch them early enough in the combustion process and they are still edible, but once you get to a certain point, they are simply terrible is not for you either.

Do you live near the coconut chips? Here is how to make coconut chips and torn to pieces.

Caramel coconut chips (such as the hsiang brand) and low carbohydrate and AIP optionsHomemade roasted coconut chips from 1 5.0 comments Caramel coconut chips (such as the hsiang brand) and low carbohydrate and AIP options author: Adrienne recipe type: snack food: gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, grain-free, low carb, ancient, AIP service: 6 cups Cook time: 15 min total time: 15 minutes to print to save money and to keep up with these homemade roasted coconut chips snacks! These chips are special diet friendly and low in carbohydrates. Ingredients 6 cups coconut chips (here is how to make coconut chips and shredded) 6 t sweetener (or taste). Xylitol or 8 t for low carbohydrate, erythritol or THM (s), coconut sugar for the AIP 2 t water (if you are using coconut candy) ¼ teaspoon salt (I used real salt) directions put all ingredients in large bowl. Heat on the stovetop cooking over low heat until lightly toasted/Brown. To cool before eating. 3.4.3177

What is your favorite healthy snack?

Mail caramel coconut chips (such as “hsiang” brand) and low-carb options and AIP throughout the new mother appeared for the first time.

Royal Caribbean cruise passenger Medevaced off occurs after stroke-like symptoms

The Coast Guard reports that an aircrew from its Sitka Alaska Air Station medevaced a passenger from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship last Tuesday. The 17th District Command Center was informed by the master of the Explorer of the Seas that a 57-year-old passenger was experiencing stroke-like symptoms and requested that he be medevaced to a land-based hospital. The Coast Guard’s duty flight surgeon was consulted and recommended the medevac. The aircrew met the cruise ship in the Chatham Straight near Sitka and hoisted the man onto the rescue helicopter. The passenger was then transported to Sitka where he was met by awaiting emergency medical services personnel.

Royal Caribbean cruise passenger Medevaced off occurs after stroke-like symptomsReported that crews from the coast guard medevaced from Sitka Alaska Air Force Base Tuesday on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship passengers. 17 sea explorers, master of the regional command center was informed that 57 passengers were experiencing stroke-like symptoms, and asked him to be medevaced to a land hospital. Duties of the coast guard flight surgeon consultation recommends that the medical evacuation. Flight crew encountered a cruise ship in Chatham near Sitka and flying rescue helicopters on people. Passenger transport to Sitka where he was waiting for emergency medical service personnel.

Petty Officer first class Trevor Frommherz for Coast Guard District 17 Watchstander said in a news release, “summer activities on the water, and also our crew day and night stand guard. “” Safety person from a cruise ship though Alaskan weather is often unpredictable in distress is proof of the capability of our men and women training every day. ” Lucky is that medical evacuations when there is clear weather conditions.

Have been no further reports of passengers ‘ conditions.

Source and photo credit: Coast Guard news

Royal Caribbean cruise passenger Medevaced off occurs after stroke-like symptoms

Law enforcement investigations in Florida boating accidents in which children die from injuries

Law enforcement is conducting an investigation into a boating accident that killed a 7-year-old child in Charlotte County, Florida. The incident occurred about 9 a.m. on the morning of July 9th near the Stump Pass area of Placida. The boy was in a 20-foot boat with his father and 11-year-old brother. Reports indicate that the boy was sitting at the back of the boat when his father turned on the engine. Unfortunately, the father applied too much throttle which caused the boy to fall off the back of the boat and into water. The boy made contact with the engine’s propeller severely injuring him. The child was transported to the Englewood Emergency room where he later died from his injures.

Law enforcement investigations in Florida boating accidents in which children die from injuriesLaw enforcement investigations the killing of 7-year old child, Charlotte County in Florida boating accidents. Placida pass near the stump about 9 this morning took place the morning of July 9 event. The boy in the 20-foot boat, and as young as 11 years old with his father’s brother. Reports indicate that boy sitting behind the boat, and when his father opened the engine. Unfortunately, father applying too much throttle caused the boy from the back of the boat and fell in the water. Boy made contact with the propeller of the engine seriously hurt him. Children were rushed to the emergency room, where he later died of his injuries in Englewood.

Spode Stewart, Director of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee pointed out that “at this time we believe it was just unfortunate accident … No charges were waiting for his father.

Law enforcement investigations in Florida boating accidents in which children die from injuries

DIY swimming spray {to eliminate chlorine}–and why you need it

Today I’m sharing with you a simple recipe for something to make your summer a safer one — Vitamin C Spray to neutralize chlorine exposure on your body and your hair, aka a DIY After Swim Spray.

DIY swimming spray {to eliminate chlorine}--and why you need it

Today me and share your stuff, make your summer vacation a safe and simple recipes–vitamin c spray to eliminate chlorine exposure on your body and your hair, aka DIY swimming spray.

It was the summer……, and come with time–and a swimming pool on the beach.

And pools exposed to tons of chlorine, something I don’t like.

Chlorine is a problem in many areas of our lives. It is in the water, the use of household cleaning applications, and it is the most widely used in swimming pools of bleach. If you like to hang around Lake salt chlorine pool privileges, your exposure to chlorine is much less, but it’s still something to consider.

In any case, the chlorine is only in the sense that it kills bacteria and viruses such as bad company.

Obviously, it has its place.

Who really wants to where a child could do something … … Swim in the pool, you know……), there are all kinds of things in us that we don’t want our tap water.

However, the chlorine itself, with its own set of health problems.

We all know that when you spend too much time in chlorinated swimming pools, you tend to have a few seemingly innocuous effect, such as red eyes, and maybe a rash.

However, outside of the health effects.

Contact with the chlorine-related health problems

Chlorine with the following potential health risks. Chlorine can be:

Dry your hair–
–Your dry skin
–Respiratory problems
–Lead to dental disease
–Continues to cause birth
–Result in bladder transitional cell carcinoma
–Lead to rectal cancer
–Cardiovascular disease
–Leading to allergy awareness.



I don’t know about you, but after reading the list, I was really, really concerned about exposure to chlorine gas – more than ever before. You know it could be the problem?

I know myself, I find it hard to go to the hotel’s swimming pool. I’m just not. Want. Since. Yes, that’s right. There.

Just too much chlorine.

In short, last year we moved (to us). Our new place is one of the lovely things the community pool. I don’t think we’re going to love it, because I am no longer to her (I was way overdone, in my teens) don’t really like chlorine (possibly very similar to chemical sensitivities, so my reaction to artificial flavors), but this year we really enjoy–especially my boys.

We pay more money for the kids in the pool swimming lessons and one of the requirements is that they must leave the pool and shower. I’m happy but I don’t want my children to toxic shampoos are used, so I send them with nontoxic options provided.

This year, however, I really have noticed, chlorine smell persists, even when I sent them (you can tell how after leaving not a lot less trips to the pool! ) After its prolific use of natural products.

Originally, the normal shampoo and other clean chlorine products leave a film.

Not good.

In addition to the above problems with chlorine and health problems, and my oldest son has Asperger’s syndrome, we already know that his detoxification problems, so it’s really not the toxic burden of his body. All the toxins in our environment, it has extra significance as much as possible.

Chlorine-I want to go!

Vitamin c and CL

Obviously what’s going to happen is vitamin c and form hydrochloric acid and dehydro-Ascorbic acid chloride.

Hydrochloride? This is acid reflux. Help digestion and love it, its my rosacea miracle, do you really want this on your skin?

Don’t worry—-from what I read, the amount here is not a concern.

Vitamin c for what?

Vitamin c in two elimination-chloride-sodium ascorbate and Ascorbic acid.

Whether vitamin c-Ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate-the version will work, there are several reasons why sodium ascorbate is a better choice.

First of all, ascorbic acid reduces pH values and sodium ascorbate will not. When you spray on your skin when better to spray non-acidic than acid.

Secondly, ascorbic acid and sodium more easily dissolved than Ascorbic acid.

If you choose this spray vitamin c and Ascorbic acid, please ensure that you make the recipe as-is, not to make it more powerful.

You might be fine either way, but it is too strong, you can have another problem on your hands.

DIY swimming spray {to eliminate chlorine}--and why you need it

The spray is great because it is a very cheap price. You can of course buy it pre-made, but this is the most simple and easy to peasiest peasiest.

It doesn’t sting.

By the way, any of the following links may be affiliate links. If you click on it, and make the purchase, I might be able to a Committee. Thank you for your support and help keep this free resource is up and running.

What kinds of bottles to use?

I have a bottle glass use it around the House, but it is very thick. If you are using a glass bottle, be sure to package it as a buffer when your trip to the pool. Of course you have towels and maybe a shirt in your package should work well for this purpose.

4 fl oz Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle with Black Spray Cap (4 Pack)

Otherwise, use a high quality plastic bottles.

Please note-mainly used in aroma-oil spray, but their skin, so they have additional benefits as well.

Homemade vitamin c spray


1 cup of filtered water (see my suggestions on how to filter water in here)
5 g (1 TSP) powder, sodium ascorbate
Essential oils (optional)
QualityGlass bottles or plastic bottle quality

I recommend using a

  • 5 drops lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops of frankincense essential oil
  • 3 drops Mint

To find out why I chose oil companies linked to the above, you can go to the “best” essential oil or to learn more about my company to choose the best one for starting.


Using a funnel, add stability of glass or plastic spray bottle of water.

Added Ascorbic acid.

Put the lid on the bottle and shake combines.

After swimming, sprayed solution all over, including on the hair.

Cleaning solutions, and ensure that you cover all of the skin. If vitamin c does not cover your skin, it will not protect it.

A shower as usual.

You should pay attention to your hair and skin smell after using this spray than if you only had a bath with shampoo and SOAP is much better.

Do you and your family often swim?
What can you do to reduce chlorine contact?

DIY swimming spray {after the Elimination of}–and why you need it first appeared in the new mother.

Two women injured in a jet ski accident

Two women sustained injuries as a result of a personal watercraft accident, Monday, July 11, 2016 about a mile and half south of Bill Baggs State Park, near Key Biscayne. WSVN reports that both women were on the same Jet Ski when it ran aground, throwing them into the water.

Two women injured in a jet ski accident
Two women sustained injuries personal accidents on water, Monday July 11, 2016 about a mile and a half South of bierbagesi State Park, near Biscayne Bay. WSVN reported that the two women were the same on Jet-Ski ran aground, and threw it into the water.

Women’s neck and head injuries, was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Ryder Cup trauma hospital. Another woman was taken to Mercy Hospital was wounded in the face.

Perez party boat was found near two women and to provide them with assistance. According to Captain Perez more seriously hurt woman “could not move, floating on the water.

The two women and their names have not been released. The cause of the accident is under investigation of the Florida Fish and wildlife officials.

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Two women injured in a jet ski accident