10 natural allergy remedies really work

Allergies have been a huge problem for me for much of my life.And since my family wasn’t really focused on natural living at all, we treated my allergies with drugs, rather than trying to find natural allergy remedies that could help me find relief without the side effects that medications cause.

10 natural allergy remedies really work

Allergy has been for me a huge problem for most of my life.

Because my family does not focus on the nature of life, we treat my medication, rather than trying to find a allergy remedies, can you help me find relief without drugs cause side-effects.

Good news is, there are other choices today, I rely on myself and my family. For us, these ten natural allergy remedies vary widely.

My history with allergies

I can remember that as long as there is chemical sensitivity. I remember at the same time down the red carpet washing/interior cleaning at the grocery store, or through the perfume section (it is sensitivity to artificial flavors), a department store, odd or even the horrible feeling I remember just not feeling good in my childhood. I suspect that some of them are caused by allergies, and only began to develop.

But it wasn’t until I was a teenager my allergies are really bad.

So I had to stay home from school and trees are in full bloom, only a grade 9 Biology class, since Propheta course too difficult–there is no way, I want to make it not showing up.

My mother or a friend with homework for my remaining at home for 6 weeks.

I know that I am ill, but I never realized how bad it was until I came back to visit my high school after work. I ran into my old Spain language teacher, and we chatted for some time after, he mentioned I did so well in school despite his illness, he was so surprised.

I am actually very uncomfortable about my “problem”, in high school I no when I thought someone would have followed me.

I truly am. The patient.

I was 3 different prescription allergy drug, and remains virtually incapacitated. Sneezing, runny nose, swollen eyes.

I am afraid every spring begins.

In my more than 20 years old, allergic I found helped me greatly and special allergy shots really miraculous agreements that have an impact on me. I no longer had a serious impact, and can function in the spring.

However, allergies remain our family fight with different degrees–in particular, my youngest son.

So far, this year, our allergies are not too bad, but we have some more sneezing and eyes recently scratching, so I started thinking about all this and wanted to share what has worked for us in the hope that that thing is of help to you.

Here are home remedies allergic, really has to work for us, we’ve tried a lot.

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10 natural allergy remedies really work

Natural allergy remedies

1. nettle tea

Nettle leaf-carotene, vitamin k, and quercetin. After some evidence the first sign in nettle helps alleviate the symptoms of allergies.

However, be sure to buy, no root, root has a completely different function.

We make nettle tea pot, and drink it all day, I found that it does indeed help to alleviate the allergy symptoms.

I sometimes make it in my beloved stainless steel French press-very convenient.

I bought a nettle tea from the border or Mountain Rose Herbs.

2. the local honey

Almost every day my sons each have a local honey 1 teaspoon.

They like to have therapy (don’t like honey? ), But they are also more and more allergic to preventive action.

Eating local honey is like shooting because you get a small amount of pollen as delicious and every bite of food allergies. Bee collecting pollen you are allergic, so if you buy honey from local bees, you may not get the best “natural allergy shot”, you can because you are “immune” their pollen is against the wrong plant.

3. saline

We use the saline This DIY, every time we fight colds, allergy season and it was great too.

The salt water to help map out your nose, refresh the mucus and also opens up the nasal cavity of pollen.

It can work wonders.

4. essential oils

Did you know that these common essential oils?

The wonders of these plant-based natural anti-inflammatory, has natural anti-inflammatory qualities.

Drop by drop a or in your hand, combined with a carrier oil (I like the fractionated coconut oil, because it does not stain clothes or sheets, and not destroyed) and put some on your cheeks, forehead, chest or sinuses.

Alternatively, you can mix together following a drop and add carrier oils, then use the resulting blends.

Lavender–natural antihistamine
Mint–has anti-inflammatory properties
Eucalyptus – as we all know, allergies (citriadora is the most secure version of this oil)
Lemon – can also be used as a natural cold remedy

Be careful to use this mix–Mint and young children should not be used for children (some say 6 years old), and only on the use of eucalyptus citriodora eucalyptus in children-there is no other should be used in children under 10 years of age. Lemon Eucalyptus is not expected to equally effective, however.

We use this mix just this morning my youngest son and sneezing a, we feel much better.

Oh-if you missed how I chose the company essential oil, here are the series, this is the last post.

5. probiotics

Because most of your immune system that are stored in your instincts and what you can do to heal and strengthen your intuition to help you with your allergies.

Our families need probiotics every day.

Fermented food is of course a way into your intestinal bacteria.

At present, we use Metagenics synergies, and InLiven from Miessence (read more about my experience with these super probiotics), but we tried many versions of probiotics in varying results in the past.

6. air filter

My youngest son is no good experience with allergy shots – he seemed to be reactions to them, so we opted for the time being.

However, he suffered a lot in the past few years, so this past year, we have for our home, bought a HEPA air filter and it really helped all of us.

10 natural allergy remedies really work

During allergy season, we work around the clock, even when I left it in the bedroom for extra help of HEPA filters.

10 natural allergy remedies really work

Bonus–both second and white noise machines, so you can sleep (NAP) better too!

7. wash your hair

Especially if you’re out there a lot, but even if you’re not, during allergy season is very important to wash your hair regularly.

I knew their whole “no security” campaign is gaining popularity, and I personally do not like to spend time in a week, repeatedly washing your hair but think about it–if your hair exposed to the elements all the time, when you wash it, you have more and more things, where you don’t want to-things like pollution and … Pollen.

As natural even though it is very important to avoid you for shampoo and other toxins in personal care products, do you really want to sleep with all the pollution and pollen right next to your face?

8. close the window

All my electricity bill on air conditioning, but save money in the spring, no matter how hot it gets (or how to clean outside air), we do not open our Windows.

This past week, it was a lovely spring weather, but I have to keep the seal, preventing more pollen to the House.

We also keep almost all the time window when driving in the spring for the same reason.

9. the laundry tips

Wash your bedding-often.

As long as you are in your bed every day the largest proportion, with clean sheets is a must.

No outdoor drying

But I love to reduce our energy use and limiting our carbon footprint, and hanging out laundry when the season had high pollen count is not a good idea for those of us who suffer from allergies.

We moved this past year and I intend to create the outside clothes drying system, but it will not be used in the spring months.

10. the nose balm

Yes–I said, “nasal ointment”.

Because I can never dry lips (well, they have a lot these days–good lipstick and moisturizing lip scrub), I’m using lipstick. Lot.

But did you hear about nose lip balm?

You can purchase a number of specifically designed for this purpose, but really use any lip balm or balm.

Just a little to clean all around the Foundation of your nose. Traps pollen this perfume, because it’s about entering your nose and helps relieve allergy symptoms.

This is the perfume, for this purpose, but it is a little expensive per ounce ($ 28.72 per ounce. )

Earth Mama Angel baby lip balm is a perfect choice.

10 natural allergy remedies really work

Personally, I use this Beautycounter baby lip balm this past week, it works very well. This is the fabulous lipstick. (This specific product components are very clean compared to all of their other products)

However, from the NYR organic organic components of this mother’s lipsticks are made of 100%, which is better than two or more products.

What is the use for allergy relief?

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